Tile Triple 3D – Strengthen your memory

Tile Triple 3D – Match Master game by LIHUHU PTE. LTD

Tile Triple 3DGame Description :

What makes Tile Triple 3D – Match Tile 3D different?
Not like classic puzzle – tile journey & magic jigsaw puzzle, Tile Triple 3D – Free Tile Master & Connect Brain Game is not only an addictive matching puzzle game but also help to release your stress with tons of happy color 3D objects, candy crush, cute animals; cool toys, yummy fruits and etc,…
Our beloved users are fan of Tile Triple 3D – Free Tile Master & Connect Brain Game because:
Tile Triple 3D is the best choice to beat my boredom and a good brain trainer
This is the most awesome game I have ever played. It challenges me and makes me get out of my comfortable zone. I love it
Blow my mind to find & match identical 3D objects help me to strengthen your memory and boost my engagement
Tile Triple 3D makes me use my eyes comfortable can listen to my music and I’m relaxing. Good game
Fun Fun Fun…Thank you, this is so much fun. Great to pass time

Just tap to place the 3D tiles into the box. Three same tiles will be collected. Collect all the tiles as fast as possible.
When all tiles are collected, you win!
When there are 7 tiles on the boxes, you fail!
Each level has limit time. Try to finish the game before the time runs out.
Each object board is different and varies from one to the next, giving the game a different flair for every level you play.

Game Features :

Unlimited play
Easy to play with simple rules, addictive gameplay, suitable for all ages.
A lot of style of cute tiles
Challenging levels, collect more stars and unlock more rewards
Use 2 helpful boosters to help you beat levels
Play FREE anytime, anywhere
Join and challenge how far you can go in Tile Triple 3D – Match Tile 3D Master
if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: support[at]lihuhugames.com

Additional Information :

  • Size 178.9 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :

NOT worth it – UPDATED to 5 stars

UPDATE- In my original review I shared I was frustrated because I had reached a level that I could not complete so I was stuck and could not move on. Basically it was just too hard to find the matches in the time allowed. Because I had purchased the “no ad” version I felt taken advantage of. Since then they have started to mix it up a bit making it possible to move on and enjoy more puzzles. I am again enjoying this game. It is engaging and challenging. At times it can take several tries to get through some of them but I do feel they can be completed. I do love this game!

I paid for no ads because I love this game. Unfortunately it soon became so hard that I am not able to go further. Just not worth it If you pay you should be able to play at a level that fits you. They either need to give you levels or give you control over the amount of time you get.

I just have pure love for this game.

This game has become my daily therapy. Yes, the ads are annoying but for a small fee I got rid of them. I only do that if I know it is a game I really like and plan on playing it often. So I highly recommend to pay the small fee and really enjoy your time playing it. I already passed level 2600 and just keep going full speed ahead. I have never had any problems with this game at all. It runs very smoothly and I know that some people had issues with it but that might be the operating system they are on. I highly recommend this game. I’m just too addicted to this game. It is also very obvious that the developers are constantly working on it, so thank you. I have tried other games like this one but this one still my number one.

Best game

This is the only game I play all the time. Most games I download, I usually delete after some time. This game is super addictive, and is so easy to play. I don’t know how some reviews say it’s hard to pass a level, I have not had this experience at all. I may have restated few levels only, out of nearly 2000 levels that I have passed. I have also accumulated several thousand dollars, and just over hundred of both boosters… I hardly ever need to use them.

Yes there are many adds, but you can purchase the no-add version, or if you are too cheap to pay, just put your device on airplane mode. Personally, I don’t mind watching an add for extra reward. And developers need to make money also.

I highly recommend this game.

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