Vlad and Niki – Watch educational videos

Vlad and Niki

(App) Vlad and Niki – fun kids videos   App Description : Funny videos and games for kids Vlad & Niki is the official app with Vlad and Niki, the favorite characters on the popular YouTube channel. Watch educational videos and complete easy puzzles! The Vlad & Niki official app is safe for children and … Read more

Pixel Petz – Create your own unique petz

Pixel Petz

(App) Pixel Petz   App Description : Pixel Petz is an online community for creating and trading virtual petz. Watch your designs come to life before your eyes, and discover other pixers from around the world! App Features : Create your own unique petz using simple tools. Share photos and make posts about your petz. … Read more

EasyDrawing-AR – Sketch tool to make drawing easier


(App) EasyDrawing-AR   App Description : EasyDrawing-AR is perfect for beginners learning to draw and sketch! This is a sketch tool to make drawing easier. App Features : Select the cute character stencil picture Position the phone above your paper Adjust the image (alpha, size, rotation) select from your pictures to draw, position the phone … Read more

Apollos Moon Shot AR – Places you right in the action

Apollos Moon Shot AR

(App) Apollos Moon Shot AR  iphone apps for free   App Description : Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing with an immersive AR app that places you right in the action of NASA’s daring space missions of the 1960s. The perfect companion to Smithsonian Channel’s landmark six-part series, the “Apollo’s Moon Shot AR” … Read more

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