OCO – Immerse yourself in the beautiful audio-visual world

(Game) OCO

OCOGame Description :
OCO is an exceptionally clever one-touch puzzle-platformer 8/10 Pocket Gamer
Gloriously addictive and intelligent puzzles 8/10 Touch Arcade

Immerse yourself in the beautiful audio-visual world of OCO.

Use simple one-touch controls to launch, rush, crash, glide, warp, and hang as you solve 150 hand-crafted puzzles.

Create and share your own designs using the built-in editor and explore thousands of user-generated levels online.

Compete in weekly ‘Speedrun’ and ‘Marathon’ events to become The ‘God Of Olympus’.
Game Features :
Simple one-touch controls
Complex challenging puzzles
Precision platforming
150 unique levels
Beautiful minimal design
Procedurally-generated soundtrack for every level
Built-in editor (create levels and challenge friends to complete them!)
Online community
Cross-platform cloud save
Online leaderboards
60,000+ user-generated levels
Daily challenges
Speedrun and Marathon competitive game modes
Perfect solution challenges for all levels


Finalist Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award, 2020
Runner-up Big Indie Pitch, Develop, Brighton, 2018
Finalist Very Big Indie Pitch Pocket Gamer Connects, London, 2017

Additional Information :

  • Size 112.9 MB
  • Requires iOS 9.1 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

User Reviews :

I’ve never given 5 stars to a game with ads

It’s refreshing to find a fresh puzzler with a new, unique mechanic. It’s a great game, very inventive so far. It’s not the best puzzle game I’ve played (Id rate Yankai’s Peak as better) but really really good. I’ve pretty much played all of them that I can find.

It’s free but I wish I could pay $2-3 to turn off the ads. 🙁 They aren’t super obtrusive but they are there. I typically delete a game immediately if it shows me ads but this game is engaging enough I’m still playing.

They also waited an appropriate amount of time to ask me to review it (I’ve played maybe 40 levels) so kudos to them.

Developer Response ,

Hi Fryslie,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying OCO so far.

If you go to the shop you can in fact remove ads for $2.49!

Thanks for the feedback.

Good but…

The game has good potential and I have uploaded 57 levels so far, but sometimes I can’t and the blue upload button turns gray and when I tap it, it says slow mode activated. I have no clue what that is or how to get rid of it. I have to RESTART the WHOLE game (and sometimes it doesn’t even work) just to remove the slow mode thingy. Because of this, my level gets deleted and I had to restart it from memory. So why not put it in the save thingy? You might ask, well it just saves the name, not the level, so the save thingy is USELESS!!!!! And now, I don’t know if there’s a limit or something, but I can’t upload a certain level. (I tried 3 times. Still didn’t work.) I put it in the save thingy just in case, and made a new level. This time, it said the same slow mode thing as before, so I just gave up. After this thing, I’m not playing OCO until you fix those things and take away the terrible slow mode thing that I don’t want to explain again. (Please?)

Developer Response ,

Hi Dreik78.

The slowmode function is designed to prevent people from spamming the ‘new levels’ page. After you’ve uploaded 3 levels you will have to wait 90 mins before you can upload again.

We’ve not head of any one else having problems with saving levels, can you please contact us here oco@spectrum48.com and we will help you resolve the issue.

Thanks for the feedback!

Best game ever!

This game is so fun and entertaining. It is difficult at times, but not so difficult that you can’t play. It also includes a feature where you can create your own level and play other peoples levels. My only problem is that there are adds, but not to many. I like how you can get 200 bits just by watching one add. Thank you for creating this awesome game!

Amazing, but make sure you use WiFi

This game is perfectly paradoxical for its simplicity is what makes it entertaining. This game takes a different spin to puzzlers out there, and I can’t say that I know any other game like it. However, there appears to be a bug that hinders our fun. If you plan to take this game on the road, I hope you have a portable WiFi router because it cannot function without WiFi, not even Cellular Data can suffice as a replacement. May you please, the developers of this game, find the issue and eradicate it so this delicacy may not be tarnished.

Developer Response ,

Hi MrSkinnyFingers. We had some server issues yesterday which should be improved today. Please let us know if you have any more issues. Thanks.

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