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Live NationApp Description :

Elevate your live music experience with The Live Nation App. From the moment you buy your tickets to the day of show, get all the info you need, all in one place.

App Features :

Never miss a show — Buy tickets anytime, anywhere
Stay in the know – Get all the latest info on concerts, festivals, livestreams, venues and more!
Skip the line — Password-free, in-app presales
Don’t miss a beat – Order online at our venues and skip the lines
Go paperless — With mobile entry, your phone is your ticket*
Access your Live Nation Premium Seats*
Offline mode — Access and view your tickets when network connection is slow or limited
Share tickets with friends— Buy, sell and transfer Ticketmaster verified tickets
at participating venues

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 77.2 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :


Terrible service, a needlessly confusing interface, and an arcane purchasing system that finds a new way to confound me every time. Terrible customer experiences: that’s what virtual monopolies are for! (And Ticketmaster/LiveNation have locked down a monopoly on major live event ticket sales… not that anyone is ever going to do anything to fix it.)

And, hey, developers — one of the main reasons I have an app loaded on my passcode-locked phone is so I don’t constantly have to log in again every time I make a purchase. This is the only app I use where this happens. And every time I forget, BECAUSE NO OTHER APP DOES THIS. So I end up having to try to log in when the system is jammed with other purchasers, so my attempts to type in my email and password are glitched out, with each letter taking painful seconds to appear as I wonder if I am going to lose my tickets / place in line. Yes, your checklist for purchases tells people to make sure they are logged in —but if the app doesn’t offer a simple, intuitive way to do this before it’s jammed up during the On Sale period.

How is it possible that this thing has a 4+ star overall rating? When 3 out of the top 4 reviews are 1-star? What shenanigans are afoot here? I beseech you.

Customer Support and Blocked Card.

Tried to use this app to purchase 2 tickets for a band I really wanted to see and kept receiving error messages that said it thought I was a boy and when I finally get past that and try to use my card I get error messages that’s it’s blocked. I called customer support about this and they said that they would open a case to resolve this issue but that was last week and my card is still blocked and I did not get an update. I tried to check and see what tickets are left and the ones I tried to get are gone and only the resale was left which is double the price of the original tickets and will be even higher after ridiculous fees are added on. My card is still blocked so if customer support ever gets back to me (I ended up opening an email case also) the resale tickets will probably be gone too. Hope if this band ever tours again they pick a different venue that doesn’t use live nation to sell tickets. I never write reviews but this situation frustrated me enough that I felt I had to. Between the customer service and the app itself. If you can get the tickets another way, do that instead.

Could not get past the loading page.

I bought tickets online with my computer through live nation website. Their company’s only free option was to have mobile tickets, email wasn’t even free. Purchasing the tickets was just fine, and I created an account. Everything worked on the website. I downloaded the app and could not get it past the pulsing LiveNation loading screen. It kept saying that there were connectivity issues even though I was on WiFi and I also date data. Like everyone else I tried turning on location settings, excepting notifications, but nothing worked. The app is useless, and does not work. If you purchased tickets through them log in and text the tickets to yourself then screen shot them to make sure you have access to them. Developers really need to fix this app because the company is fine. My suggestion though would be to have your tickets mailed to you until they get their app under control.

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