Tile Match 3D – Improve your matching skills and train your memory

Tile Match 3D – Triple Match game by Mojoly Limited

Tile Match 3DGame Description :

Find, match, collect 3D objects to be a 3d match game master!

Tile Match 3D – Triple Match is a new brand, challenging and original matching hidden object game.
It can connect your brain to a logical thinking. Test your brain out and kill time!
Blow your mind to find and match identical target 3D objects to make them pop among a tangled mess.
Challenge against time, improve your matching skills and train your memory.

Game Features :

A huge amount of 3D objects.
Catchy sounds and vivid 3D visual effects.
Improve your mental ability.
Unlock chests to collect your objects and get them all.
Many interesting and helpful boosters in the game.
Free to play online or offline, no Wi-Fi or internet connection is required.

Our game can not only bring enjoyment to those who like 3d puzzle and new match 3 games, fans of mahjong games will also experience endless excitement and fun with this awesome match 3d game.
We hope you will love this kind of match triple 3d game. Train your mind, Kill time!

User Reviews :

#1 Team

We absolutely love this match game. There are 50 of us. Otherwise we wouldn’t actually be THE #1 team in USA! But we also hold 1st in the WORLD! TeamMontana! But this game is so messed up now that you keep trying to fix it! It’s worse!!!! I myself have spent an undisclosed amount of money playing to help us get there too! We’re all very devoted! You should be proud to have us represent your game. But you should also get your crap together and fix our posting issues! The Cup Tournament takes and takes and a lot of the time it doesn’t pay out what is allotted! It’s very frustrating! There are numerous other issues that need addressing also. Almost all of us have come to you for help. Please by honest and stop cheating us. And when will the 4.0.7 be available for me and many others? We should all get it at the same time!

Thank you Harley Gram Team Montana

Great game, BUT….

I really enjoy playing this game, BUT….the ads are absolutely ridiculous. Tell me why we have to watch an ad every time we pause it?? Why do we have to watch an ad when the game knows we have NO MORE LIVES left? Why do we have to watch an ad before going to the next screen after we have cleared the one before? Why so many ads?? We have to wait for an ad to play before, during and after every thing we do. Please tell us why that’s necessary? It it your way of forcing your players to purchase the game? If that’s the case then why don’t you just cut some of the ads and replace them with a button below the Try Again button that gives us the opportunity to purchase the game. I would have purchased it long ago. I forget there’s even an option to purchase since I’m generally watching tv, or distracted by my 2 dogs. Then I may just accidentally hit the buy button and end up making that purchase. I don’t pay attention to the purchase button in the upper part of the game. Please consider this option. Thank you

WELL, Now I don’t knew about the purchase idea. I just read a review where someone purchased the game but has to wait 30 minutes for 0ne life to play after running out of lives? They said it was to force us to buy lives at an astronomical amount, in which I will NOT EVER DO! So if that’s the case, developers, I will refrain from making any purchases of this game until I know for sure. If this is true, maybe you need to rethink the options.

Developer Response,

Dear user, Thanks so much for taking time to give us your review and letting us know how you feel about the game. We will consider your suggestion and will strictly control the frequency of ads in the latest version. Thanks! Have a good day!

Lots of fun – addictive

I really like this game and have spent way too much money on it. I will stop doing that because the prices are way too high. I also don’t feel the rewards are adequate. I mean you win a hard level but only get a couple of rewards. I understand the rewards found within the game are if you find them, but there aren’t many in there to find. Anyhow, sometimes when I am playing, the time is running but what I choose doesn’t populate. And items are highlighted in yellow. I am not sure what is causing this, but it is happening all of the time now and I lose lives because the time runs out. Also, I have never seen any of the mini games as advertised or shown in the description of the app.

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