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RxLocalApp Description :

Manage your medication and save time by downloading our easy-to-use app. Need to manage your family’s medication? We’ve got you covered there too; just add them to our app to save even more time.

App Features:

Order refills, view medication profiles, view our contact options, and don’t miss a dose by setting medication reminders directly in our app.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 119.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Not dependable

Giving two stars because it used to work fine in the past, but now it won’t load my data, medications, patient file without giving me an error message. Even after logging out and logging back in. Even after deleting the app entirely then redownloading it. This app should run more smoothly for it to be of medical importance. It’s nice to be able to show providers what medicines you’re taking if you can’t remember the name. I could just pull it up and show them. I knew when my blood pressure meds were ready for refill without having to contact the pharmacy. Or check on my type 1 diabetic husbands refills. I’m wondering if they just did some sort of update and now it has a lot of bugs. I just hope it gets fixed because I use this app a lot.

Helping independent pharmacies compete

Love the concept, it basically seems to do what I need. And I’m so happy my local independent pharmacy has this tool to add some of the convenience of the big corporations. I love my local pharmacy. I get fantastic, caring service from professionals who know my family’s medications and who will advise me directly about important side effects or drug interactions instead of making it my job to read the dense info included. But it feels like an early version of the app. I would like to support the developers with useful feedback without trashing the app in a review. Please allow in app feedback and a feedback channel on the website. Also, better documentation on the website would help. My husband is having trouble creating an account. He entered his correct information but was told it doesn’t match what the pharmacy has on file, which cannot be true. Also I’m trying to add family members. It asks for their Rx number. What is that? How do I discover or obtain one for them? Maybe explain more fully how to do something like that on the website. All you do there is step through the really obvious path as set forth in the app. So, I’d say communication with the developers and ways to get questions answered in more detail would be the first major change to make.

Simple, Secure, Convenient!

Edit// v.5.2.95

This release has introduced a bug; I cannot select medication for refills, as it states “currently being refilled,” but such isn’t the case upon calling. This message even appears for meds that aren’t due for several weeks.

Thank you for the response and what appears, this far to be a successful patch on the login issue. I have been able to receive SMS for verification. Back to 5-Stars!  _________ Simply put: this app makes for very clear, easy handling of my prescriptions! I love that I’m able to request refills via the app, receive messages in-app, and to also have the versatile notification options which are provided! While I’m sure one’s experience will likely be [heavily] weighed based on the pharmacy with which they’re interacting, I definitely believe that so long as the pharmacy staff are doing their job, this app will greatly improve communications! The interface is simple and clear. I can submit requests, check status and in the case of generics, I can even see the particular brand of generic which has been filled (as one medication I take changes almost monthly) and know before picking them up. A major plus is the interfacing among patient-pharmacist-provider. This makes for a seamless experience, and I absolutely love it!

Developer Response,

Hello Projectzacko, thank you for your feedback, and sorry the update is causing you frustration. The issues that you are experiencing is one that we are aware of and working towards getting fixed with the next update.

Was great, now awful (but review updated)

This is my first ever app review. Tells you how TERRIBLE this update is.

Just had to update my app. Previously was very easy to use and stored all the info about my family’s prescriptions. Could submit refills easily with a touch of the screen and would tell me a pick up time.

Few days ago after update, I had to enter a new login and try to remember my password. Had to change it and still wouldn’t let me get into app. After several tries I was able to get in. The ease of submitting refills was gone. Had to go to several different screens to get to each family member’s lists. Very time consuming and not user friendly like before, but got it done.

Today, opened the app and I have to REDO all my login and password etc – app didn’t remember it.

Have tried 3 times and gave up.

This update is confusing, difficult to get in, not user friendly. Have NO idea who thought to change to this current version.



Developers have gotten back to me and said they are working on a fix – they have had similar complaints.

I used the app earlier today and it allowed me to log on with no issues. It also seemed as if the family members were all grouped on one page so I didn’t have to click several times to get from one to the next. More similarities to the older (more user friendly) version.

Hopefully my experience was a glitch and from now on the app will be a better experience.

Change to 3 stars (for now)

Developer Response,

Hi Wheauxdat, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We’re very sorry this update has been giving you trouble. The login issue that you are experiencing is a known issue and one that we are currently working on a fix for. We’ll use your feedback to make updates to the app better in the future and hope to get this issue resolved soon.

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