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Understand the events shaping our world with the Guardian.

Never miss breaking news, dive into diverse opinion pieces, follow stories minute-by-minute with our dynamic live blogs, from world news and politics to business news and sport. The Guardian news app is free to download and offers you a beautiful, intuitive mobile experience, so you can read, watch and listen to our independent reporting whenever it suits you.

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To give you a taste of our app, we’re offering you free access to a limited number of articles, which refreshes on a regular basis. If you’re a regular reader, you might consider subscribing. Subscribe to get full access to Guardian articles in our app, so you can read quality, international journalism with no restrictions.

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And when you subscribe, you’ll unlock:
Unlimited reading in the app, with no subscription messages
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What’s more, subscribing to our news app is a great way to show your support for fearless, independent Guardian journalism. As a reader-funded news organisation, we rely on your funding to power our future. Thank you.

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  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 128.5 MB
  • Requires iOS 14.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Essential news service

I couldn’t have survived the pandemic without the Guardian by my side. The only minor annoyance is the plea for donations (not too annoying since I LOVE that the weekly mag doesn’t have ads), and the fact that even if you are on a monthly donation plan, the app doesn’t consider this to be equivalent to an online subscription (which, to be fair, it isn’t). So I get most of my reading done via the snail mail paper copy we subscribe to, and just top off at the app.

Room for improvement: pls improve the app search algorithm. If I am searching for an article or book review I’ve already read in the hard copy magazine and I know the key words or names, half the time the article won’t let itself be found via the app search engine no matter what I do. Sometimes this can be resolved by googling the article in question, and sometimes not, but either way it’s very frustrating. Still overall, great app, and I’m glad it’s out there making the world a better place!

Guardian was Great 5 years Ago but Not Today

I have really enjoyed the Guardian until the past few years. Years ago, it was tolerable to see a few young writers offer up a few novel interpretations of history or culture we never knew about, surrounded by a the wealth of objective apolitical news reporting by professionals your loyal readers could readily consume. But now the vast majority of your news articles are opinion-based, political, or racially charged hit-pieces dismantling some part of western culture your writers utterly despise. It is so bad, I now have to scroll through 90% of the articles just to find a single one about something innocent, like the wildlife in the UK, the world economy, etc. ….some world news event that is apolitical and free of ‘victimhood culture’. Your news now is just editorialized, hyper-charged opinion. Activist hate has spread like wildfire through your news org. Its now so biased and jaded against large cross sections of people, races, ages, religions, or genders there is nothing truly objective left that can see the world of good people as worthy. Your news it seems is just not fit to print without hateful interpretations looking through the dark colored lense of identity politics.

I miss the Old Guardian where all people and all news had value as is. Now it is heavily filtered, heavily jaded, and toxic. I just cant listen to the passive agressive rage in so many young writers any longer. I have to say goodbye.

Thanks for your generosity.

Thank The Fourth Estate ! I’m a student and broke. It’s so important to be informed. I really appreciate that I can read The Guardian for free. When I get some money I will start paying. The writers are excellent — great content. I can look at the photos and editorials, and imagine a life of travel where I can improve myself. Thanks for your unbiased research into world issues, and your reporting on politics. Being a journalist is a dangerous low paying job. Those that bring us the news and keep us informed, are the only thing standing between a free democracy and a failed state. Across the world journalists are jailed, killed, or treated with suspicious hostility at the very least. Also, If the media is so liberal, how come they gave Trump 5bil in free ads? The point I’m trying to make here is that journalism used to be known as “The fourth estate”, an actual branch of a democratic society. The Guardian upholds this time honored ideal. Also, The Washington Post charges money to read online. The Guardian is free. Read it.

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