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The Boston GlobeApp Description :

Get full access to The Boston Globe’s 26-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalism from New England’s largest newsroom, featuring:

Up-to-the minute premium local and national breaking news
Groundbreaking work from the Globe Spotlight team and other investigative units
In-depth coverage of the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics
Piercing opinion and analysis from Shirley Leung, Yvonne Abraham, Joan Vennochi, Scot Lehigh, Jenne Osterheldt, Renee Graham, and more
Dispatches from the Globe’s Washington DC bureau

App Features :

Browse the must-know headlines of the day
Topic-based notifications so you always have the latest updates
Save must-read articles for later, even when your device is offline
Sync with your Apple Watch

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 85.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Buggy reference to web article

This has been an awesome on again, off again issue for years, and I can’t believe it’s still happening. About 30% of articles redirect you to a webpage version of the article (as oppose to own formatted for the app), and you have to login via that webpage yo view the article. Why can’t you have it carry the login info? Or, why can’t you give access permissions to the Globe app web browser? I shouldn’t have to login every time I want to see an article on the app. I’ve already logged in on the app! A simple, addressable annoyance. Should be fixed.

Still great, but…

I love the Boston Globe and have read it every day for 45 years. I still don’t miss a day, even though I don’t live in Boston anymore. My one concern is that it increasingly seems determined to enter the culture wars, more as a participant than as an observer. I am not a habitual critic of the press, and I don’t look for liberal bias under every leaf. But I think the Globe’s news articles do tend to be slanted, and the selection of what to report or omit seems to reflect an agenda at times. In the opinion pages, liberal perspectives outnumber conservative ones by at least 4 to 1. Many columns are preachy and repetitive, more hysterical than thought-provoking. I hope the editorial board will occasionally self-reflect and remember that its more strident members do not hold a monopoly on truth and justice. Still, I love the paper and probably always will.

Remembers subscriber status but could be better experience

I’ve been a Boston Globe subscriber for 7 years, and despite paying them every month for the privilege of unlimited access to articles, I keep getting the paywall and being asked to log in. This app is the only thing that seems to remember my subscriber status on mobile. If you can’t track my cookies across Facebook, Twitter, Safari – I would like the ability to always open Globe articles in the app. It’s really annoying to get blocked from an article on Twitter, having to open the app, and searching for the headline of the article I wanted to read. The search isn’t that forgiving, it doesn’t autocomplete. Feels like old technology from the company that brought us the first responsive news website years ago.

Love the Globe, app not working for me

I’m not sure if it’s my account or something with the app . a month agoI had to re-login with a new account (I had let my old digital subscription expire and apparently I used a different email address so I ended up with a whole different account when I signed up again).Now the app is asking me to re-login every time I click a link from the home page – and when I login it takes me back to the homepage and does the same thing all over again. It says I’m logged in on the home page but doesn’t remember it when I try to read an article. So it’s completely useless to me at the moment -The only reason I still have it on my phone is to get the alerts,But if I want to read the link attached to the alert I have to go find it manually on safari or from Twitter or something.

Online version Good format

Easy to follow, links directly from notification to article (not all news app do ) . Pleased with newsworthiness of notifications they choose to send out and speed of app. Also I like having the option to see paper in print format. I am in trial phase, and pleased with the online presentation and ease of navigation. I would like to subscribe permanently , but I Am not sure for how long I will subscribe only because newspaper subscriptions and other online news related, TV, and entertainment subscriptions add up, and I am retired on fixed income. .

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