Scavenger Hunt – Collect hidden objects

Scavenger Hunt game by Popcore GmbH

Scavenger HuntGame Description :

Welcome to the scavenger hunt! If you love playing search and find hidden objects games, you have come to the right place!

The Scavenger Hunt game is a level-up to the hidden objects genre – our maps are alive! You can see kids playing in the park, athletes working out, grannies blocking cars in a parking jam, all with one common purpose – to distract you from the scavenger hunt!

Search and find games have never been this fun! Collect hidden objects throughout the maps on your journey to unlock more locations in the Scavenger Hunt! Hidden pictures are everywhere – under a tree, next to granny, on the roof? Zoom in and swipe through the map to collect all the hidden objects.

If search and find games are your jam, you don’t want to miss out on Scavenger Hunt!

Game Features :
PLAY the next generation of hidden objects search and find games!
SWIPE through the map and collect all the items.
GET more maps by collecting all the hidden objects.
UNLOCK beautiful new locations with each cleared area!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 744.7 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.5 or later.

User Reviews :

Overall Great Start but Experiencing Glitches the more I play

What can I say? This has been one of my top favorite mobile game apps. Puzzle games like this are my favorite. I even have a whole book on Search and Finds. Finding this game was great and definitely helped me kill time in between my Minecraft gaming. Ive opened all available maps, completed 1 level minimum of each puzzle style (classic, paired and timed) for each map, finished all the thieves smaller puzzle, completed a few puzzle hunts challenges and even completed 1 month of daily puzzles. I’ve paid for have the ads removed. I know there are still ads if you want a free bonus like a compass but that’s expected. I’ve experienced that in other phone games. I’ve even signed in with my Apple ID and Facebook account to keep my progress synced however lately, I’ve been experiencing gameplay issues. The fps has dropped significantly. While I have no proof of exact numbers, I can best describe to change as going from a steady 60 fps down to 15. I’ve played on Wi-Fi and with data and there is no difference between the two in terms of the frames drop. The screen will jump when I’m zooming in, tapping on the item I found, and even following the compass path. It’s been going on for a while now and it’s starting to impact my ability to keep playing. I do come back because I enjoy the game overall but this frame rate drop has been increasing my desire to play something else.

Developer Response,

Dear alyssaac719,

We would like to thank you so much for your detailed review and for your kind words.

Now let us try and see what’s been causing your game to misbehave. Please reply back and let us know what device you’re playing on, your current game version and the User ID (found in the game’s settings)

We hope you’ll continue to scavenger with us!

Popcore Team

Fun Live-Action Movement Colorful Game

I love this game. Reminds me of the seek-and-find games in the back of the “Highlights” magazines when i was a kid. The St Patricks Day tickets and Greek Vases scattered in the the different worlds are a nice addition. Would be fun to have the same kind of search thrown into the mix for other holidays ie Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, US NewYears, Japanese New Years, Eid al-Fitr etc.

The reviews posted from JUEJUEY Sept 23rd and NOTAHOOF June 5th have some great suggestions. I like the idea of the stationary items ie Compass/magnifying glass off the page, added to the tray of items that can be minimized so they are off the screen. I play on my iPad and when I zoom in/out sometimes i hit the compass/magnifying glass by mistake. I use them sparingly as I love the challenge, but I can’t always purchase the packs in the store when needed. Thanks for such a fun game. I have enjoyed playing this game while recovering from major surgery. Keeps my brain busy while I am recovering. Looking forward to new maps-maybe a Mall Of The Americas for those who like to shop, National Parks, Jungle/rainforest, Nepal/Mt Everest, Machu Picchu, Scotland/UK, Isle of Skye, Rome/Italy, Amsterdam/Netherlands, Stockholm/Sweden, Croatia, Costa Rica etc. I have enjoyed the Japan map-I have looked up several of the items to see what they are, how they are used etc. Nice to learn about other places.

Developer Response,

Dear Gardenbug5,

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. We love hearing back from our loyal players.

We’ll take your suggestions into consideration for future content updates.

If you ever encounter any issues with your game, do not hesitate to come back and tell us all about it.

Keep scavenging!

Popcore team

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