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Tile Busters game by Spyke Games

Tile Busters Game Description :

Playing just 10 minutes of Tile Busters every day will sharpen your mind. Prepare for challenges of daily life and keep your memory fresh. You will enjoy yourself for hours with this game!

Enjoy this tile matching game and clear the board by solving puzzles. The puzzles will relax your brain while boosting your intelligence. If you enjoy solving challenges like Match 3, sudoku or mahjong, you will love the calming effects of this game.

You will want to come back to solve the daily puzzles with varying mechanics and plenty of rewards. There are a variety of puzzles and many unique games that are updated daily.

Complete beautiful towns as you solve the unique and ever-changing puzzles and make sure to check out the beautiful paintings and elements.

Game Features :

Tap to match 3 of the same tiles on the puzzle board
Relax by Clearing the Board
Use strategy to overcome Ice, Chain, Glue and Tile Maker blockers
Compete against other players in Tournaments, Leagues and Car Race
Race against yourself in Time Challenges
Use 5 unique boosters and implement your tactics
Challenge yourself and train your brain with thousands of evolving puzzles
Build and explore different Towns with unique themes!

Increase your zen, train your brain and stay in the moment with this mindful puzzle game. Start Tile Busters today! It’s perfect for whenever you get bored or need a break!

This game is much harder than it looks and absolutely addictive!!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 242.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

different tiles!

update: now with halloween there are new tiles as the developers hinted at in their original response to me. now i’m happy. to everyone saying they don’t like them, you can toggle them on and off in the menu. personally i’m super excited. thanks!!!

I wish there were different packs you could unlock that had different designs for the tiles. I’m like 500 levels in and sick of looking at these ones. There could be a flower pack, a halloween pack, etc. that you could unlock with coins like the avatars.

Developer Response,

We thank you for your feedback! We will have a feature exactly what you described soon, so stay tuned;)

Need Puzzle Calendar as it’s own game!!!

There is a lot I really like about this game and a few annoying things too. I did pay for ad free and it was completely worth it. I also buy a few things here and there. The puzzles themselves are great. I do feel as I get to higher levels sometimes it’s easy to get stuck (oh those frogs!!!) and that’s OK, just enough though to make me frustrated to stop playing for a bit. My new favorite thing is the Puzzle Calendar and if I could find that as a game by itself that I could pay for NO ads on it I totally would!!! Please consider that. I love those puzzles in the calendar but the ads to play back days is quite annoying. Wished I could get rid of those. All in all it’s a very good game and I don’t even mind all the “shop” things as I know the developers just want to get paid for their creation. I never mind paying for quality.

Developer Response,

We love hearing from you! Thank you for leaving feedback for us, we will definitely forward your thoughts about our game to the related department.

Almost perfect, yet some issues

I absolutely adore the game itself. Could play the levels endlessly for hours. But my problem is that I HAVE done that, and now the levels are in the 2000s, and there’s no way to reset the game to the beginning, which is what I’d really like. At this point it takes like 50 levels to make any progress on building the towns, and the level of rewarding feelings from the game greatly diminishes, when it’s this tedious to make any progress, measured in the game by completing these towns.

One other major thing I wish was different was that as much as I love building the towns, there’s no way to view towns you’ve already built once you’ve moved to the next. I’d love to look back on them.

If these issues were fixed, this game would be absolutely perfect in my eyes.

Developer Response,

Thank you so much for your review! We are glad to know that you like our game! Your opinion is very important to us so we will make sure to relay it to the product team!

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