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Extreme Car Driving Simulator game by AxesInMotion S.L.

Extreme Car Driving SimulatorGame Description :

Enjoy the newly remodelled city, neons, smoke, and much more on the last update!

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an open world car game in the racing games category. Get exclusive vehicles, customize your cars and play this realistic simulator made for fans of motor sports and tuning.

Collect, customize, explore free roam and do your best to become one of the legends of Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Are you ready to be the king of asphalt and drifting? Dodge the traffic drifting on the city streets like a pro. Go to a car garage to extend your car collection. Paint and tune a vehicle and show your original style. Drive fast an ultimate supercar to feel its top speed. Tour the offroad zone to find out real challenging action. Drift and torque on the road using the brake. Jump from ramps and climb on buildings or crash your cars and repair them fast. You can do all in your games in Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Much more than sports and racing!

Game Features :

The game has realistic 3D art for cars and zones too. HD graphics looks almost real!

Jump, drift, torque and live an ultimate experience on your mobile or tablet thanks to the optimized physics motor.

Our new collection includes SUVs, classic vehicles, sports and racing cars… Get them all and become one of the legends of motor sports!

Customize and tune your cars in a garage to make them unique. There are many tuning options by choosing color, tires or exclusive skins.

The zones offer plenty of gameplay experience. Drift in the city asphalt, take a free roam drive far from any road in the offroad zone or run with no limits on the airport runway.

The open world contains entry points to challenging mini games, including trial, radar or destruction. Discover them and win fantastic rewards.

There are several game modes, as a traffic mode and more. Unlock them all!

Take the best pics of your cars as you have fun playing the game by using the Photo Mode.

This new feature adds more realism to the world of Extreme Car Driving Simulator. You can drive across the city at night or enjoy the offroad landscapes under the twilight. Your games will be always different!

Choose your favorite cam (exterior, interior, hood or wheel) and controls (arrows, wheel or gyro) to drive as a professional of racing games.

Don’t worry about crashing your cars as you drive. Reparation is free and you don’t need to visit the garage!


This game is free to play.
In-app purchases and ads are included in the game.
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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 226.1 MB
  • Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Great game but…

The newest update added some really awesome new driving views, the problem is those two new views (interior, and the realistic following views) don’t work correctly. After a minute or so the other traffic on the roads disappear! Also the traffic in traffic mode does not stop for your car. This really needs fixed (getting rear ended waiting at an intersection is kind of annoying.) the interiors of the cars need some work, as most are fuzzy and nothing moves except the steering wheel. Also all three of the views need to allow you to look to the sides and behind you, because you can’t see traffic when turning or baking up. The mirrors also need to work! A larger car collection would be nice, the cars could really use more realistic acceleration, the other traffic could look better, and an occasional other cool car to road race would be cool:) turn signals and a horn for the cars you drive would be cool, engine upgrades and aero kits, and customizable exhaust sound, you can add freely are needed, and the cars could be cheaper to buy. The traffic also needs to move faster, maybe 150 mph, since all the cars you can buy are so fast. More paint color and a larger wheel collection are needed, and the skins are priced at way to many gems! Also a way to turn of the coins would be great for free driving. The checkpoint mode has never worked for me and the free drag driving mode with no cars needs an other car to race, other than that great game, and a great new update!

Good but…

Let me start off by saying that this game when it first came out, was REVOLUTIONARY there was just nothing like it. It spawned so many copies and even a sequel in San Francisco. But over the years even the updates that came couldn’t really make this game anymore exciting. It simply got boring. This graphics update is cool but once you get to 1000km it’s basically beating the game. When the dust has settled and all of the challenges, collectibles, and cars have been acquired, what’s next? I have a few ideas for this game though. Add cruise control, it may sound dumb at first but this could help with kilometers, not to mention the implications with better traffic AI. Add more areas!!! This has been something I and many others have wanted for so long!!! Re add the original car color maker, why did you even remove it? Simply keep mega skins and you’re set, or even add more. And finally. Add. More. Cars! Re add the Mclaren P1, Koenensegg Agerea, and Bugatti veyron! The Bugatti Divo can be kept too. And add more cars with Kilometer requirements this is just so that people who bought the VIP membership can get more worth out of the double kilometer buff. Also tone down how much money it costs for cars, it’s not very easy to get money in this game and I don’t like memberships for mobile games. This game I think would be so much better and quite frankly fun if added/ re added some of these things.

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