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Express ScriptsApp Description :

Managing your medicine is easier when our app does it for you.

The newly designed Express Scripts app lets you easily and quickly find everything you need for your medicine. It’s like having a knowledgeable pharmacist in your pocket.

Find a preferred pharmacy, refill your prescription and check your order status—anytime, anywhere.

App Features :

Whatever you’re looking for, find it faster on the Express Scripts mobile app.

Order refills for you or your family
Track orders
Start automatic refills
Access ID card

You must have an Express Scripts prescription benefit plan through your health insurance or plan sponsor to use this app.

This app and/or some if the features described may not be available for all plans or benefit types.

Additional INformation :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 56.9 MB
  • Requires iOS 14.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Ok but not great.

The app is good, and it is easy to order scripts.

Cons: Changing an alert is next to impossible. Removing a medication is not possible as far as I can see. The virtual pharmacy ID card is not printable and does not contain all of the information the hard copy card has. (I have ordered a hard copy about 25 times, and have yet to receive a hard copy) There is not a section for drugs you may be allergic to. If you are looking to see your claims and history, or medicine history; you are out of luck. The search thinking wheel spins forever and almost always times out giving the message “9999: We are sorry, we are unable to complete your transaction at this time. Please try again later.”. Should you actually reach your history of any kind, forget actually printing it out. Pricing a medication by history is a long shot Only about 10 current medications show up and only about half of those are actually current up to date medications that you are taking. You better be an ace speller. If you misspell any drugs when searching within the app, the search is not smart and will not recognize even a close misspelled medication.

In the world of apps, this one needs some work.

Health Care Plan 5 stars, App could be better

The reason for only 4 stars are that #1 the app offers to keep track of how much medicine you have, however you have to input when you refill a medicine, rather then them update it automatically. #2 the app is slow to sync when a prescription is processed/shipped/delivered and I mean sometimes by three days #3 This may be more of a ‘plan’ issue “con” then ‘app’ but if you refill a prescription and it’s too early to fill (you have the option of as early as a month-online to refill) rather then the day it is dispensed, you will be billed the day you refill online. #4 their is an option to send a secure message to the RX company through the app. But you must log into the app continually to check to see if it was responded to, rather then being alerted through an email, letting you know that it’s been replied to. #5 Twice I’ve had issues logging in. Sometimes it’s after an update, or when your fingerprint doesn’t register but password does. The support center actually recommends that you delete their app, then reinstall. This is under FAQ in the support Center online.

Again, these are just small grievances of the APP, nothing that reflects on the overall plan itself. I simply wanted to layout why I only gave the app 4 stars.

On a side note:

I save an enormous amount of money by using their mail-order service. I think overall they are an excellent plan D for Medicare patients.

Opinion from Navy pilot’s wife

I have used Express Scripts to fill my prescriptions for many years – ever since I married my husband, a retired Navy captain. I have a number of chronic illnesses so my medication list is a long one. Without Express Scripts, the costs I would accrue in order to get all the meds I need would be pretty daunting so I am so thankful to have Express Scripts backing me up.

In addition, I am very grateful that through Express Scripts I am able to get my meds via the U.S. mail system as I am totally housebound due to COVID and also to the fact that my poor health makes it simply too hard to ambulate.

Prior to his death from COPD and Parkinson’s disease in 2015, the number of meds that both he and I had to take during that time was daunting so it was indeed ma blessing that we were covered by Express Scripts. We had so much to worry about that we just didn’t need to have the worry of excessive worry prescription costs added to our problem pile. So I will always be thankful that Express Scripts has been such a valuable part of my family’s health support system.

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