Deliver – Explore the world and discover new zones

Deliver It 3D game by Voodoo

DeliverGame Description :

Become the BEST DELIVERY driver and deliver PACKAGES! Vroom Vroom!

Have you ever wanted to deliver packages?

Pick up and drop off packages to customers to earn money and level up. Explore the world and discover new zones.

Game Features :

Tap and hold to drive
Release to brake
Avoid crashing
Collect cash

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 218.9 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Bugs Fixed in Recent Update!

The game itself is fun. You get to drive a little motorcycle and complete various challenges. The game likes to add in more challenges that test your adaptability. They’ve recently added a whole office-looking area for you to spend some of the money earned in-game on, which looks cool. I’ve got no complaints about that. It doesn’t even lag, even with all the different motions going on in the background at the same time, which is also great.


The game works great now that the black screen bug has been fixed in the most recent update! Thank you for your response!

Tested the game multiple times for this bug. Tried it after spending money upgrading Starting Boxes and Acceleration, after finishing 1 level, after completing a level in Race Mode, after watching an ad to get the first driver skin, and after completing 5 levels in a row without closing the game.

Game seems to be working fine. I did get the bug the first time I re-downloaded it, but it was gone after I deleted it and downloaded it a 2nd time.

Occasionally, after you complete a level and an ad automatically comes up, the screen will go black right at the end of the ad and you have to close and re-open the game. But this seems to only happen with automatic pop-up ads, and not the ones where you choose to click on an ad in exchange for more money or free upgrades. But it is definitely still playable and fun.

Developer Response,

Hi! Thank you for you detailed feedback! We made a recent update in an attempt to fix the bug you encountered, could you try to update and let us know if the bug is fixed. Thanks in advance!

Game feedback

The game itself is cool. However it I have been stuck on level 146 forever. Once the cash is fulfilled the cash bar then disappears and this level I can not get out of. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it , after having to start all over the minute I get to the same part , this is where I stay. I continue trying to see bu to be honest it’s frustrating and I’m thinking of deleting the game in general. If it wasn’t for that the game was enjoyable!

Kind of a let down

At first I loved the game. Every aspect of it. Especially being able to collect money to build the warehouse.

But as it progressed it became apparent that the money (500k) that I had collected couldn’t be used for anything other than new bikes and drivers. I couldn’t spend it on other aspect of my warehouse, upgrading the building, or adding additional rooms or features. So that money is just sitting there and can’t be used.

Also, there is a tab on the Home Screen that says “coming soon”. After some research, it’s been like that for some time now.

Lastly, once I reached level 125 I couldn’t build anything else. The money collected during each level was just vanishing into the walls of my building. It wasn’t going towards a new addition or anything. Nothing was changing or happening. These kind of games are my favorite, but this one is a let down because I can’t go any further or use all the money I’ve made/collected.

Great Game but Heating & Drop Frames

I was actually browsing around on the Apps Store searching for new game. My search came down on this game from Top Chart. Playing couple rounds of the game is very interesting and fun to play. Now big issue comes when after playing the game for about 10 to 15 minutes, my iPhone starts to get warmer up to hotter category. Slowly over time, frames starting drop and stutter on normal mode and especially a lot on racing mode. I’ve a iPhone 11 Pro with A13, I’m actually shocked that this causal game eating up so much resources. I feel like there is something that isn’t supposed to be running behind while gaming app.

My Review:

Basically what i think about this game is that its A Really good Game! I haven’t seen any bugs or problems yet since, I’ve been playing. I dont have any recommendations either. Although this game is really good, I get bored of it sometimes. But, I would recommend this game if your someone like me that likes cars plus, Games. Im a type person that loves race cars👍🏻. I Like Alot of stuff so, don’t mind me. Anyways thats my review.

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