Monster Demolition – The pixelated apocalypse is here

Monster Demolition – Giants 3D game by SayGames LTD

Monster DemolitionGame Description :


The pixelated apocalypse is here, and all that stands between humanity and the forces of destruction is you and your truck. So climb up to the cab, put your foot to the floor, and race straight for the action in this wildly entertaining demolition game where the only way to win is to hit the giant monsters head-on with all you’ve got. Then do it again, and again, and again…

Game Features :

Start the demolition derby: It’s a one-way street headed straight for the monsters, pick your trajectory, hit the ramp and crash straight into the enemy, trying to cause maximum destruction.

Keep chipping away: Even the perfect crash isn’t going to bring these giant monsters down first time, so chip away at them with multiple attacks until they finally crumble.

Study all angles: This is an all-action game, but it pays to use a little strategy if you want to destroy the monsters in the fewest number of moves. Judge the angle and velocity of your truck to maximize damage from each crash and try to bring your enemy tumbling down by hitting their support.

They won’t go down without a fight: Monsters aren’t just going to stand there while you keep ramming into them. Get ready to dodge a whole arsenal of fireballs, spikes on the road, and tossed bombs.

So hit them where it hurts: If you want to make your life easier, aim your first assaults at the monster’s power source. That way you’ll have less to deal with on the road to destruction.

And you’ve got something up your sleeve too: Each time you deal damage to a monster, you gain cogs, which you can spend on augmentations – including rocket launchers, giant bombs, or a size increase for your vehicle – or boosters to increase your armor, power, or bonus for the next crash.

Where did they come from and how did they get so big? The game has 52 different animated giant monsters to demolish, from dinosaurs to superheroes to horror legends to ancient myths. Each has their particular powers and weak points, so you’ll have to adapt your smash tactics for every level to make progress in the game.

Fight the monsters with monster trucks: As you advance in the game, you’ll be able to upgrade your pickup for even greater demolition damage, and eventually move on to bigger and better vehicles, including a police car and a full-size semi-truck.

Lovely views, shame about the weather: There are eight unique and beautiful locations in the game, from city high-rises to snowy mountain peaks and from abandoned parking lots to outer space, so be sure to enjoy the view while you’re there. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to deal with the local conditions, which include tornadoes, meteorites and lightning storms.


Looking for an original action adventure with simple but addictive gameplay and increasingly challenging opponents? Ready to demolish an awesome range of massive monsters block by block? Then download Monster Demolition now, set your GPS to Destroy and hit the highway!

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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 482.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :


This game is great, what about adding a game-pass of the player able to delete, create, and color some pixels (the tiny blocks on monsters) on the monsters. It is like a creative mode type. It might make the day for people to get creative and get more suggestions like what I AM doing right now and possibly improve the game A LOT! plus try to reduce the ad after 4-7 tries like seriously, I counted tries before ads come up, it can get annoying for some time. Thank you if you agree to my suggestion. And still thank you for giving me chance to say this.

Slowly going downhill.

I first started playing this game a few months ago, and it was really fun & fair; there were upwards of 80 unique bosses in the game with over half of them being animated. There was never too much incentive to pay to win, you could get an ad here and there to give you boosts against the boss like rockets, bombs, and a bigger vehicle but all in all it wasn’t necessary.

That it what it was, if it had stayed that way this review would easily be 5 stars. However after many recent updates I can’t in my right mind give it those extra two stars. The game now is the same premise, and many new enemies have been animated but the trade off is that there are many new pay to win options being added into the game- of course you have the patented pay for no ads, or pay $20 for a better video, and now after almost every level you get a prompt to watch a video to get more dynamite or shields when previously it was never forced into your face.

All in all I would still recommend playing the game, but know that it’s taking the approach of most other mobile games so you’ll be receiving plenty of ads if you want to reap any of the bonus rewards.

Not enough strategy, content ect…

First off I downloaded this game after seeing so many ads for it…and I stopped playing the game for a while after a glitch I saw with not getting the coins for completing a level, that seems fixed now coming back monthhhs later but I still have thoughts… the ads gotta go… it feels like this game purposely tries to be hard in hopes of you wanting to watch ads to get a boost, it doesn’t help that all the boost are all 1 time use and don’t last for more then one level. Where is the strategy? It’s cool you can change to a previous vehicle u have upgraded but that doesn’t make much difference seeing how the vehicles only have 3 simple upgrades that only help make more destruction… (the most strategy I can think of is using the free bomb the game gives you and trying to blow up the legs on the characters, in hopes the rest fall) If the game developers added parts and stuff that could tune your cars to do different things like grow or jump mid air it could add strategic ways to defeat certain characters, especially the very big or stupid looking ones

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