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DistroKid app by DistroKid Holdings, LLC

DistroKidApp Description :

Millions of musicians rely on DistroKid to get music into Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube. We distribute music to all major streaming services & social networks. You’ll love us!

App Features :
Enjoy unlimited uploads
Keep 100% of your earnings
Get delivered to stores 10-20x faster than any other music distributor, at a fraction of the price
Edit previous releases
Add lyrics, credits, and liner notes to any release
Check streaming stats
Get “You’ve got money!” push notifications
Check earnings (and withdraw $)
Share HyperFollow pages
Manage which releases appear on your artist page in streaming services (our “Fixer” tool)

Be prolific!

Terms of Use: www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 26 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.3 or later.

User reviews :


Distrokid has been amazing, but I was always frustrated that there wasn’t a streamlined mobile app. I work full time in addition to making music, having to do the double login thing, and then navigating through a desktop site, on a mobile device, while at work, was becoming really inconvenient, and was causing me to miss a ton of distrokid messages, slaps likes, feedback, comments, colab offers, playlist curators, legitimate offers from lables etc…

I’m really psyched this came out. It’s going to make my life way easier. It looks great so far. I’m hoping Slaps is integrated into it in some way. I love how simple that platform is. Having an app would be so nice. You guys rock – UGLY-MONEY

The BEST digital distributor

Distrokid is the best digital distributor there is! I have tracks on Routenote and Amuse, and there is no comparison. There’s no royalty threshold to overcome, and you get paid within a week of requesting your royalties, no matter how big or little they are. Also, they deliver your songs to stores in as little as 24-hours after uploading! I changed my artist name to Nardy Global, and I uploaded my song “I hurt (radio edit)” to Distrokid, and it was added to the stores by the next day.


If your trying to make it in this world with your music and don’t want the middle men or want it to be simple to get paid for your music use this app I’m a very skeptical person in general so take my recommendation and use this if your having issues getting on all platforms and wanting to get out there more this a real review btw come check out my music my artist name is nofxksgiven2001 I’m on all platforms cause of distro kid

How To Log In After Buying Subscription

If you bought a subscription and it gives you an error message, go to your App Store purchases and check if it’s pending. It will stay pending for a day or two if it already is. Check after a day and it should say the date of purchase, if/when it does, log out then log back into DistroKid. Now it should work!!

I love the app but just one question

I know of 5 people that showed me proof of them buying my music so how come I haven’t received any money I’ve also see people with 100,000 downloads and only make $10 why is that are u really not giving us our full pay and pocketing what we make and thinking people wouldn’t start noticing

Almost there

App is pretty cool but there should be an option to listen to your upload to ensure you selected the right file. My uploads were approved and I’ve set my release date but I still would like to listen to the uploaded file.

Also there needs to be more instructions during the process. I was able to figure it out and google some things but still. There’s room for improvement.

Finally!!! Thank you!!

Looks and feels like the website, but app! Everything feels like it runs smooth. Hopefully we get the “Goodies” section, for Promotion and Hyper follow!

Otherwise, navigating is super easy. Haven’t uploaded yet. But, seeing the Bank easier, and getting onto stats is way easier on mobile!

Problem with synced lyrics on distrokid

Hey SO I recently got musician plus because you can set release dates and do synced lyrics ect. So for some reason when I try and sync lyrics for a song when I let go of the synced button it disappears and I don’t know why? I’ve tried it on computers/laptops and on my phone but it won’t work I really hope you guys fix it because I think synced lyrics are cool but its not working for me PLEASE FIX

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