Drift Hunters – Find your favourite drift locations

Drift Hunters game by Ilya Kaminetsky

Drift HuntersGame Description :

Enjoy drifting & driving racing cars. Explore realistic maps, find your favourite drift locations. Tune and customise your car. And join the Drift Hunters community!

Game Features :

Car drifting simulator you dreamed of

Over 25 awesome drift cars. Drive your dreams!
Detailed car tuning
Car customization. Paint your car in any color with 4 types of paint. Change rims, paint rims. Stance it
Upgrade performance of your car – make more skids
15 awesome tracks for drifting, racing or just doing burnouts
Realistic drift physics
Collect drift points and earn money
Try different handling schemes

If you enjoy drift culture and jdm at all, be sure – drift hunters is for you
Download now and feel true drifting experience!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 828.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Love it and want it to go further

I really love this game and the way the tracks and cars feel, however I feel like this game could improve its promotion and the game, first i would start by improving the game. The things i would love to see are a bit more customization to the cars and tuning to the cars, the implication to possible map creations would be fire, but not necessary, maybe an online and/or a career mode. Racing would be a fun experience and even custom lobbies with ofc different options to do either races, drift battles, and absolutely would have to have the ability to go through eachother otherwise people might get mad. I would also really love to see burnouts and tire smoke, the possibilities to this game are endless and I hope this review makes you guys think about this. Lastly if you do make any of these changes especially online play, please promote the game as much as you can!!!!

Sound Update :

We’ve all asked for it, some of us more persistent than others, but this game needs an update for the love of god. This game isn’t bad at all. Awesome arcade drifter. Sometimes I’m having so much fun I forget how fast I’m going and completely lose control, lose my combo, get mad, repeat! The only problem is that I have to play with the sound off because a V8 C-Class sounds like a literal lawnmower swapped hatchback some high schooler from the Bronx calls his “daily driver.” The sound is the main issue. Physics are awesome, it’s an arcade drifter just the “drift” part alone gets me going. But the rev tuning is so… unreal. Gives me headaches. One listen of a real manual gearbox car and you’d say “oh that’s bad.” I’m personally not asking for an Update Haul but just a audio update would make this game a lot, and I mean a lot better. I mean you guys are on the top searches for the word “drift.” Why not take the extra half step and do a sound update and I can assure you, developer(s) that this game will be top 3 if not number 1 on the charts!

This game is sooooo good

Once my friend showed me this I loved this game as soon as I saw it, and there’s a glitch in the map forest where if you go behind any fences it’ll glitch you out and send you flying or go under the map, I recommend other to try this glitch but anyways I love this game and I want to see an update where there should be more maps, more cars, challenges, liveries and so much more and if you guys make an update, please change the sound of the cars because the sound of them doesn’t sound like the car your driving and please make this game multiplayer!!

Great Game. Little Improvements Needed

This game is really fun! You have tons of cars to choose from and the maps are decent sized. The drifting takes a little practice but after 10 minutes i knew what i was doing. You can also tune your cars to which is very fun.

But the little improvements that should be fixed/Added is the driving and sounds. The sounds are great but the Hellcat is the only car that has an different sound and thats only in idle. And the turbo sounds great but a little improvement could be done. Now on the driving side, i know the whole purpose of this game is to drift but at the same time when trying to normally drive in a straight line, the car will easily spin out. At least for me.

Again, great game. I definitely recommend giving it a try. Many people definitely will like this game.

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