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Guitar Tuner – Simply Tune app by JoyTunes

Guitar TunerApp Description :
World’s #1 best-reviewed guitar tuner app!
100% free premium tuner with chords & songs
With lots of different instruments to choose from, you can be tuning your guitar, bass or ukulele with fun and ease, so that it plays at perfect pitch. It’s as easy as that.

Tuning just got easier with the new lightweight guitar tuner app by JoyTunes – Simply Tune. Get it now!
From the creators of Simply Guitar.

App Features :

Learn how to adjust your strings safely and accurately.

Simply Tune tuner guides you through the tuning process step by step with easy-to-understand visuals, showing you in which order you need to pluck your strings & indicating if the string is tuned right, too high or too low.

The automatic tuner automatically detects the closest string to the played pitch & the manual tuner tells you how close you are to the string you choose.

Learn & practice the chords of your favorite songs on the go.

How Simply Tune works

Place your device in front of you
Follow the tuning instructions
Get instant tuning feedback with clear guidance on how to proceed

We would love to hear from you

Tell us about your experience with Simply Tune. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can make your tuning experience even better. Let us know at tune[at]

Good to know

Simply Tune is created by JoyTunes, developers of award-winning apps Simply Piano and Simply Guitar. JoyTunes are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning to play quickly and easily. Recommended and used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week.

Awards & Recognition:
Editors’ Choice by Apple
SF Music Tech Summit Startup Innovators Challenge Winner
Best Tool for Beginners, NAMM
EMI Innovation Challenge Award


Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at tune[at]

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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 82.8 MB
  • Requires iOS 14.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Better than others

I was a fan of Guitar Toolkit, before it was abandoned by the developer and stopped functioning. That app cost $10, which I still consider a worthy investment considering the length of time I used the app. I downloaded GuitarTuna, and deleted it immediately when I opened it for the first time as saw it had a monthly subscription signup required to use it at all. Not cool. I would have paid a one-time fee, but a subscription doesn’t make sense for a tool that should operate standalone on my phone.

This app works, and it appears to actually be free. Don’t listen to the reviewers who claim they broke a string trying to tune with this app. Definitely a user malfunction, if not trolling. As far as the aesthetics of the app, I would prefer an analog-style needle to the horizontal line guide, but it doesn’t change the function. The green box indicating “in-tune” is a bit loose, but the center line is on pitch. I recommend this app because it works as advertised within the limits of the iPhone microphone, and it’s actually free with no subscription paywall bullish¡t.

Developer Response,

Thanks for the kind words!

You also get all the alternate tuning there is (we’re adding more constantly, let us know if you need more) and you can use the chromatic tuner which won’t have the green box as you can tune to any pitch that you want.

Let us know if anything goes particularly bad or particularly good 😀 at

Have fun with your tuned guitar!

It is so good

I got the app last year and I have been using it ever since. I honestly don’t have any problems with the app. The app listens to it so nicely, and I even got my guitar teacher to check if it was tuned and IT WAS!!! I love it so much, if you are deciding to download the app do so.

Tbh I had my doubts and thought that it wasn’t listening or just didn’t tune it right, but I was shocked that the app was made so nicely. Thank you Simply Tuner for making Tuning much easier.

I have no need to try to learn the cords because I have classes but if you do there are tons of other Reviews to read from. Hopefully you find what you are looking for..

Developer Response,

Thanks for the review! Even if you have guitar classes, we’d like to provide you the best experience in your musical journey. Let us know if there is anything you need to be in the app at

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