Castle Revenge – Reconquer your land from the hands of your enemies

(Game) Castle Revenge

Castle RevengeGame Description :

Game requires constant internet connection

Your castle has been attacked by Lord Grayson, you’ve managed to defend yourself but now you need to reconquer your land from the hands of your enemies!

Castle Revenge is unique mix of strategy and action games with realistic physics-based castle destruction!

Game Features :

Build and manage your castle
Fight with other players and Lord Grayson himself
Conquer the map and reclaim your land
Directly control your attack and wreck havoc with realistic physics destructions!
Develop new types of projectiles for your catapult
Be a king, become a hero!

Additional Information :

User Reviews :

  1. Castle Revenge is a great idea. Unlike other games where you create your village and defend and fight, Castle Revenge has a almost unbalanced fighting mechanic. This might seem bad at first, but it makes the game so you don’t have to spend money on it (even in late game). I have an max level 6 base and am warlord 3. I know people with a max base of lv5 who are much higher then warlord 3 these people focus on battling and not building. The current number 1 player has lv 5 and 6 buildings and the number 2 player has lv 8 and 9 buildings. This shows that the people who don’t like defending don’t have to. I try to stay blanched and upgrade things before I upgrade my castle fully, but at heart it’s not to be the best but it’s to have the most fun so do what you like and enjoy the game (This wasn’t much of a review but you should buy the game it’s free anyways)
  2. When I first got this game I loved it. As I played I became disenchanted. Every time you save up coins and magna (both needed to buy defense and offense) you get raided and loose a lot of what you saved. I sunk everything into defense and still lost because defense do not work like they should. Each defense shows a protective field but when you are attacked they don’t work for that field so you are not protected. When I attack others they do not have this problem. I thought it was maybe because mine were not strong enough so I beefed up but my defenses never work like the ones I attack. Watch the replays and you will see what I mean. No matter how much you build your defenses you will loose on most attacks. I may be wrong but seems to me the only way to break even is to spend a bunch of money and build then spend more and build more. If you try to play with a little money does not seem to work and you will never get anywhere. Not a bad game to download but don’t plan on long term unless you want to spend and spend

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