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Healthy Benefits Plus app by Solutran, Inc.

Healthy Benefits PlusApp Description :

This is a sponsored program. You must be an eligible sponsored member to register for Healthy Benefits+™.
With the Healthy Benefits+ mobile app, you can access your benefits anywhere, anytime. You can instantly redeem your benefits on qualifying products with your card number or barcode when you checkout. It’s that easy!

App Features :

Healthy Benefits+ gives you easy access to the benefits you need to help you live a healthier lifestyle. With Healthy Benefits+, you can:
View your benefit balance
Review your shopping options
Browse qualifying items
Use your card number or barcode to redeem benefits
Review your transaction history
Update your account information
Review your welcome materials or login to your program website for a full description of benefits and shopping options.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 101.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Laura C Paz

I just wanted to know if you can help me with my Walmart write down on my Facebook account for my family and friends and you are even with my family love you so much and I love too see how much I appreciate you and Dr and I hope you can get my friends to work on this Friday night please let me know that you are safe and love thank you for caring for me your family love you so much and miss you so much too thank you for all your help thank you love you for caring for me your family love you doing better and hugs and kisses to you and merry Christmas and hugs and kisses and love you appreciate you with queen of queen size and hugs and kisses love you so much love you so happy for all your family love you so

Ok I will talk to you tomorrow morning and then we will go take care of mom what are you doing right now and then we will go see one more reply thank Diana Ross will text message you later on today bye for now you pick up at my moms house right next week for me please help merry Christmas and hugs and kisses and love you so really beautiful daughter who is Natalie C Paz and Jonathan A and Michael A Paz Jr and my grand babies who l love with all of my heart and soul and happiness for all of my family see how you are blessed with me and caring for


This app is perfect! I wish all apps that dealt with finances would run as smoothly as this one. My favorite feature is that you can scan the barcode prior to the register to make sure your items are eligible and prevent any embarrassment ahead of time. I love that if you have an iPhone you can add the card itself to Apple Pay so you don’t have to worry about losing your physical card. The app updates your balance immediately so as soon sad you pay for something you can just refresh and see what benefits you have remaining. I never ordered any food delivery with mine so I can’t really give you any info on that but if you’re wanting this app for in store use then you’re going to be more than happy you did! I’m disappointed that my special benefits package is no longer available bc I truly believe this app made shopping so much easier for me!

Developer Response,

Thank you for the positive review! I’m glad you are enjoying the app. Thanks, Amir.

Good app but….

The app is fine. In some respects it’s very user friendly but the program itself has some issues. It’s great to be able to order $100 worth of products 4 times a year but how do Walmart or the insurance companies make money off of it. I ordered 6 items and they were delivered 1 at a time over a 6 day period. Actually 1 of the items still hasn’t been delivered. I ordered them all 5 weeks ago. Because of that delay I was told I will receive a $10 gift card. So there is that expense plus all the individual shipping costs. I don’t see why they couldn’t have all been shipped together. Or why couldn’t I have gotten a receipt and then picked the items up at my local Walmart? I’m not complaining, like I said it’s a great savings for seniors, I’m just afraid someone’s going to say hey, we’re loosing money here and cancel it

Developer Response,

Hello there, we’re glad to hear you are enjoying the program. Products ship out to you as soon as they are available, so your order may arrive in multiple packages. There has been a high demand as the program is starting, which may cause some delays in product availability. Thanks, Nicole.

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