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(App) Oh Bother

Oh Bother  App Description :

Oh Bother is a lovely little app all about helping you and your housemates avoid poorly-timed interruptions when you’re working from home together.

If you’re working from home these days, and you’ve got family or roommates at home with you, you’ll know that focus can be a little hard to come by. Oh Bother wants to help you and your housemates manage distractions a little bit better by giving everyone in your house a quick way to indicate whether or not they currently want to be bothered.

App Features :

Set your status to either “botherable” or “unbotherable”.
Put your status on a timer; it’ll flip automatically when time is up, and you’ll get a notification reminding you to switch gears.
Provide context for your status by indicating that you’re on the phone, taking a nap, going outside, etc.
Meanwhile, get live info on your housemates’ statuses, synced automatically through iCloud.
Set notifications to let you know when a housemate’s status changes, and time your distractions accordingly!

Additional Information :

  • Size 4.9 MB
  • Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

User Reviews :

iOS 12 was the most current iOS version just 9 months ago, and it is still receiving regular security updates from Apple; yet all our various folks who have the many, *many* various recent older and/or hand-me-down Apple devices that can’t update from iOS 12 to 13, can’t run this app. So, unless you’re very shortly going to order and setup new iOS/iPadOS 13 devices for all the various folks inclined to bother you… um… Be careful inviting folks to use this app to view your status — if they can’t use the app because they’re stuck on iOS 12, does that suggest you’ll now be getting them a new device…? And, many folks are actually patiently awaiting the release of 5G models from Apple before replacing their devices. That’ll be about half-a-year from now, at best. Also, if you personally employ a mix of iOS 12 and iOS 13 devices, mentally keeping track of which actually have this app installed, and periodically fetching/picking up/switching to them just to update or check status(es), is another point of friction. For an app intended to be widely employed, in the home/family/friends contexts it is intended for, this limitation is a serious oversight (and, one which would also directly affect any prospective watchOS version of the app, as well). Nevertheless, this app still gets 5 stars and a tip, on potential. Here’s hoping this app is expanded in coverage to iOS 12, iPadOS 12/13, watchOS, and macOS… somewhat soon.

This is awesome!! Exactly what I and my housemates needed, we were constantly getting on each other’s nerves because we didn’t know when we could visit with each other or not as we all work from home currently. I have tipped and purchased the in app upgrade! Love it! It has just the right amount of playfulness to it, too! I have just a couple requests though that I thought of that would make this app even better I think! One is custom status messages. For example, if I am unbotherable but it does NOT fall into one of the premade categories, then I would love to type my own custom message as to why I cannot be bothered. Also, I love to get notified when someone changes their status but currently I have to manually tap the bell icon every single time they change it, it would be great if I can just tap it once and always be notified of their status changes permanently from then on. Thank you for developing this awesome app! 🙂

Developer Response ,

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that in Oh Bother 1.1, you’re now able to permanently subscribe to notifications. Also: custom status messages are coming soon! Thanks so much for the feedback – much appreciated.

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