Worldly Map – Expands your spacial awareness

Worldly Map app by RoBhat Labs

Worldly MapApp Description :

Worldly Map is a tool for people who want to see and map out what’s happening around them.

Using Worldly Map every day expands your spacial awareness at the local scale, and your planetary awareness at the global scale.

This tool can be used privately or publicly.

The public efforts of the Worldly community – submissions, edits, and votes – turn into a daily broadcast that aims to give people an ostensive fact-based view of the World.

As of July 2023, over 2 million people watch the Worldly broadcast every week on TikTok and Instagram.

The suggested usage time of Worldly Map is 8 minutes a day.

App Features :

local pins
quick action map areas
private notes
mapped news reports
factcheck request support
smart alerts on major global news

Multiplayer Features:
discuss the news with public notes
upvote news reports to give them more reach
submit edits to fight fake news
get points when your submissions, edits, and reports make it to the broadcast

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 17+
  • Size 53.5 MB
  • Requires iOS 14.2 or later.

User Reviews :

Coolest news app.

I love this app, the best one for traveling.

Get to know what’s going on at your destination before you get there.


Very simple and smooth app! Great to navigate and participate in. No need to download 20 news apps. This is the one for you

Love this app so far!

super cool app, i really enjoy it so far. great way to stay informed and put a smile on your face


Love this app, very simple, best part ITS FREE!

Might be good in large metro areas

However, I live in an area that has neither local or metro news. All I see is a global newsfeed.

Great memes 🙂

Super useful in keeping me informed day to day! I love the fact that I can also earn money in the process

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