Vita Color – The perfect paint by numbers game made for seniors

Vita Color – Senior Color Games by Vita Studio

Vita ColorGame Description :

Are you still struggling to find the perfect paint by numbers game made for seniors? Choose Vita Color! Vita Color is the world’s first coloring app designed for seniors. Whether you’re looking for an easy, relaxing, calming moment of painting digital art or a vitalizing coloring experience, Vita Color is the coloring book you need.

Game Features :
1. Thoughtful designs for seniors
Big-font numbers: comfortable to see
Big buttons: easy to tap
Enlarged gallery view: bigger pictures, easy to grab every detail

2. High-quality Images
Super clear digital print pages
Bright colors and high contrast

3. Easy painting experience
Effortless to spot and paint: big patterns and clean lines make coloring a joy
Pages range in complexity: just enough to keep you busy, making coloring easier and more enjoyable

4. Experience everyday well-being
Vitality Point: collected after finishing each image, stay vitalized!
Adorable scenarios: infuse hope, love and happiness into your mind when coloring
Daily quotes: inspire a brand new day!

Vita Color, this coloring book for seniors, takes you on a stress-relief journey into the joyful world. A perfect balance between challenge and achievement, this coloring book is specially designed for seniors and features beautiful illustrations of various collections. The thoughful designs promote relaxation and mindfulness, making it a perfect activity for seniors to unwind and express their creativity. Try Vita Color now!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 81.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

User Reviews :

No Condescending!

When I first saw the words “for seniors” in the title, I thought they would be bland, fill up large blocks type coloring easy enough for a toddler. I downloaded it because it said big numbers, (and my eyesight has deminished at 81 years old) but was ready to delete if they gave me a pink elephant and a blue sky to color.

Well, surprise! Nice graphics. Lots to color. AND big numbers. I was pleased. I still had to search for parts that I missed. This is gonna be fun!

I recommend for all who have less than perfect vision, whatever your age. Good app and I think you’ll like it.

Only one complaint

I love the larger pics and numbers. My only complaint . Is that the color numbers don’t change automatically when your done with that color. I just spent a long time looking for a a spot to color . Enlarged couldn’t find it. Looked and looked and looked. Finally it dawned on my that I had forgotten to click on another color . Other than that I love this new app. The pics are beautiful. The numbers big enough to see. Plus when your trying to find a pic to color you can enlarge the menu of pics. Love it !!

Liking it but

If you really want to make this coloring app “Senior Friendly” make it so that the coloring is widely spread. I don’t know what this technique is called but it’s great. You can press on a number and the color along with highlights and shadows etc. color a large area. Seniors don’t want to spend too long coloring an area. Also eliminate the small cells. Our finger tips are very sensitive to be tapping for too long.

It’s fun and relaxing

This color by numbers app is fun and relaxing. It’s very easy and can be use by all ages young and old. If you like to color more like real life coloring though, then this app isn’t for you. It colors in the section for you but that’s what makes it really easy. One effect I really like is how it shows a video of the picture being colored in after you complete it. But it would be nice if you could control the speed of the video. It goes fast and I’d like to slow it down a little.

Vita color

I love this it’s really nice I love the pictures and the size but it needs to be a little more difficult, I know it’s for seniors that’s why the size but it doesn’t have to be so easy my mom is 82 and her friend is 88 they say it is too easy I’m 60 and it’ is too easy but the the pictures are great no annoying ads. We will probably keep playing but not a lot Way too easy I hope it gets more difficult as we progress. Thanks

Great for Seniors

This coloring app is so easy to see and you don’t need to hit the color item more than once!! You hit it once and the color fills in right away. The colors automatically change in settings. But the best feature is when the app highlights the color you can see the area every time

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