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Sword Melter game by Rollic Games

Sword MelterGame Description :

Forge of Power: Crafting the Ultimate Sword

Sword Melter is an exciting game where you get to create the ultimate sword by combining different elements and melting them together. Your task is to combine various elements to create stronger ones and melt them down to forge the ultimate sword. Once you’ve created the perfect weapon, you take to the roads and cut through obstacles to reach your destination.

Game Features :

To create stronger elements, you must strategically match two or more of the same element to form a new one. As you progress, you’ll encounter rare and powerful elements that require specific combinations to obtain. You’ll need to use your skills and knowledge of alchemy to create the strongest elements possible.

Once you’ve created a strong enough element, it’s time to melt it down and use it to forge your sword. You can customize the sword’s design and attributes to fit your playstyle and needs.

With your sword in hand, you’ll face various obstacles on the roads, including boulders, trees, and other items. Your objective is to cut through them all and reach the end of each level. But be careful not to use up all your sword’s power, or you’ll be left defenseless.

Sword Melter offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience that combines strategy, crafting, and action. Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate sword and conquer the roads? Play Sword Melter today and find out.

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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 275.3 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

It’s a good game well if you got a phone with a lot of internet

Okay so the game is good there using that many ads people say there are so much and it’s online and I don’t care it’s fun and I don’t know if it’s only me but it’s a very bit satisfying by cutting items and you get a lot of adds if you get temporary buffs that cost a add and the no adds thing is fake but it’s a good game and I wish you could pour the lava I think it is to make you sword it’s good I love this game it’s good but each level there is just one add so not a lot get it it’s fun and I am actually third btw I played a lot

Problem with super ores

So this game is pretty good, pretty satisfying for the normal gameplay but here’s the problem, every time you complete a level it will always send you to a ad even for the fighting, also when I used a super ore I pressed melt by accident and when I got back the sword wasn’t in its super ore form and when I went back to the melt the super ore wasn’t there meaning that I “wasted” a super ore and that I wasted some of my time of the day for a super ore, please fix this problem, also quick suggestion maybe put a ad after each 5 or 3 levels instead of putting one each time you complete a level, overall this game is ok it’s just the ads and super ores. (Quick tip whenever you use a super ore and melt it DO NOT UNDER ANYTHING OR OTHERS SAY DONT GOT BACK TO MELT it will get rid of the super ore that you watched an ad for I learned the hard way :/ ) also I know I mentioned not to go to melt after using a super ore and I know I put a rating on it where I said “it’s pretty good”

Ad simulator but worse

This is just another rollic games riddled with ads which I was fully expecting but this one takes it a step further. You will be watching ads more than playing the game and the worst part is you have to watch ads for simple quality of life functions. For example if you look at the video ads for this game you see that part of the gameplay is creating gems that you merge and then melt down to make your sword more powerful. Well sometimes you craft so many gems and it takes a while to merge them all as you have to do it individually one by one. There is a button you can press to automatically merge them all instead of doing it one by one but you have to watch an ad to do it. When I saw that I immediately deleted the game as it gets boring after 3 hours or so anyway. Don’t waste your time.

Letting u know of a glitch

There is a glitch right now, could just be me, but every time i start the game up, it just goes to a gray screen, i try swinging the sword back and forth as if i could see, and the game is still working, i feel my phone vibrating at stuff getting cut, but cant see it, plz fix this, this game is really fun

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