Real Driving School – Open world map

Real Driving School game by Oleksii Hohol

Real Driving SchoolGame Description :

Enjoy realistic car driving!

Real Driving School simulator is the driving & car parking simulator game with stunning graphics and realistic physics.
Play with your friends in a free ride multiplayer mode!

Game Features :

Realistic graphics
Open world map
Many different cars
Realistic driving mechanics
Free ride mode
Multiplayer mode
Ride with traffic
Realistic car handling
Realistic damage system
Ultimate car driving expirience
Crash your car!
Drift mode

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 9+
  • Size 1.6 GB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :


Bro the game don’t make sense so how can you ban somebody for a month! For one thing I can’t lie I love the game but that don’t make sense that’s like one person talking and the whole class gets in trouble and I do love the game but at least you have ban us for 10days or 5 like it don’t make sense bro somebody scammed me yesterday and how was I scamming this man’s charger when all the game does is have glithis when I was trading the charger back to the man but the game don’t see that I’m just a regalia player and they always just sit there and then you have to refresh the screen and then when you check it’s gone and as I was getting scammed yesterday I got scammed over 10m I reported him he was not banned he was able to chat and trade like they didn’t ban him I have proof but it is what it is

A little note the the RDS Team…

The RDS game is good and the platform is great if you play the game you will like it at first and it will seem enjoyable until you start to see the reality…there are scammers, weirdos, annoying people that love to ram, etc.. but there is also the RDS Team…..i really don’t know why everyone else treats them as if they were some gods or something, like yeah I do appreciate Qizz and his team for trying hard to improve the game while still managing the huge community they’ve created but I just don’t like that they always want to seem like the best without even trying hard.

Picture this, in reality the people who play this game a.k.a the players of this game are the ones who should always come first before anything (I’m talking about the ones who actually Grind hard and the ones who manage their own crews) we’re the ones that truly make the game what it is today, because without all of us RDS would be nothing, the RDS team should honor those who really try hard In the game Instead of them (the RDS team) that can have anything they want in the game without even doing anything. Also please change the way you guys take feedback because we all try to give our opinions on how the game could be better and it almost feels like y’all just throw our ideas down the drain and instead put your own ideas in the game.

I Am Hooked but…

I would like to see a few more features maybe more cars and stuff that say how mph before you purchase…I wish there was sort of like a downhill drift like in Fast in furious Tokyo and more straights for racing because we only using the bridge rn…absolute love the game would also like it to look more like city than some buildings and houses…maybe some underground tunnels? After playing 30 minutes of the game I already spent some $ on a ferrari and found out that the free to play car Audi is faster than mines…I don’t understand if either he upgraded it or some…sometimes laggy but very rarely…also the beginner car is kinda too good for beginner and you should start with something that’s not a dodge and maybe like a cheap Honda or something…also the turning is a bit off doesn’t matter how slow you go if you are in the outside lane you will always land on the inner lane no matter how good you turn because the turning is a bit weird…brakes are a bit slow ngl…sometimes I go at 100 mph and it takes like 9 seconds to stop but all in all it’s a great game with good potential if polished

Developer Response,

Thanks for your review! I’ll add more info about cars in next updates

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