Paintball Shooting Games 3D – Smash all your opponents

Paintball Shooting Games 3D game by Mini Sports

Paintball Shooting Games 3DGame Description :

Shoot to Win!

Live the Intense Action and Realistic Game play.
Experience the thrill of Paintball Shooting with this ultimate game.

Paintball Shooting Games PRO is a real battle simulator that will give you the extreme paintball gun shooting experience. Whether you’re a paintball shooting player or a survivor shooter games lover, this game is for you. Your ultimate mission is to win the shooting competition. Load pellet guns quickly into the battle and fight your rivals to control the battlefield and gain the most points.

You should smash all your opponents, finish the impossible mission. Now enjoy the action sports 3d game dedicated for paintball shooting lovers & recommended by world sports brands and paintball legendry stars. This paintball shooting game is an addictive free battlefield combat sports game. It has an amazing surrounding arena and easy to use gameplay controls. With innovative motion and gesture-based controls including sliding, diving, leaning from cover and more, paintball-shooting fields will take you into the real world shooting experience.

Paintball Shooting Games PRO is a top fps action game, spot your rivals and shoot them down. It has health & energy level that will indicate if you are in the danger zone, ammunition or there is an enemy in your way. Start a campaign & fight that will allow you to unlock new fighting arena on maps, real paintball layouts, guns signs, fields, gold and sports gear. Paintball fight is a real-time 3d single player game where players defeat with paintball guns in each game, there is a reward somewhere in the field, the first player to win the game or the one to eliminate the opponent with continuous shooting. The limited paintball ammunition will have to save & refill in the field. It is a free fun shooting adventure game with rag doll effect.

Game Features :

You can choose from your favourite guns. The game has the following gun types:

Paintball Machine Guns
Assault rifles
Ragdoll Effects

Download now and start playing as paintball shooting combat commando, you require incredible courage to win with the furious challenger.

Paintball Shooting Games – PRO Features:

Join an Insistent Competitive Shooting World Rivals
Real-Time Death Match in Battlefields War
Ultimate Shooting Game with PRO Paintball Shooting
Select Your Favorite Color of Paintballs to Fallout Rivals
Custom Real Paintball & Airsoft Guns to Eliminate Opponents
Exciting Shooting & Combat Action Sports Game
Actual Shooting Battle Fields & Paintball Combat Arena
3d Graphics, Detailed Environments, Shadows
Intuitive Gesture and Motion Controls with Full Hd
Awesome rag doll effect on eliminating player
In game guns collection while eliminating opponent team player

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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 233 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Ehh…it’s good I guess 

This game is good to pass a little time but after you loose a few times it really sets of a trigger. You have to turn off WiFi just so you don’t have ads. Also some of these pictures that they are showing is from last year or fake. Most of it real thought. You know the main parts. But there are a few problems that really make me want to delete this game and it happens so often I actually do delete the game a lot. The thing is, is that when I’m at the last player it goes right through him. Also I win stuff and it only gives me a small fraction of what I win. If you just need a game to keep you interested for a plane flight for example I guess it can be good for that but between you and me this game is pretty much trash.

Developer Response,

We are sorry to see you are facing problems! We are working on making our app better. We will surely solve these issues soon, thank you.


This game has huge potential it is fun but there are some errors. One is the ads – I know these have been addressed and the option is to purchase to remove ads, but that is usually to remove ads every now and then. Ads every now and then is reasonable, you can pay to remove them totally but I shouldn’t have to pay to play over 30 seconds. Also reading the other reviews there’s been many promises to fix this but nothing actually changed. This is completely unreasonable and I’d delete it before I ever paid to enjoy the game. If you want people to pay it should be to enhance the fun not pay to even have it at all.

Second- super easy. I wish there was actually a way to play with live people in similar level ups as you because not only have I never lost a game, I’ve never even had a close tie with the other team it’s always been unreasonably easy and there’s no competition what so ever.

I’ve only had this game for two days and already bored and frustrated. If these two were fixed I think it could be a popular game that a lot of people play, enjoy, and keep for longer periods of time. Just based on the other reviews it seems to have a high rate of getting and deleting quickly which could definitely be improved

Developer Response,

Hi friend, thank you for taking your team to play and review our game. We are working on the betterment of our game continuously and have considered all the suggestions and issues you have mentioned. We want to grow our game and give our users a good gaming experience. The related team has been informed and they will work on your suggestions surely.

Has potential

I like how the game works, but I feel like 2 things could be added to the game. For one, there should be a better menu. I feel like you should be able to select if you want to auto fire, or have a button to manually fire (I don’t know if this is added but I don’t see it in the settings). Another thing is a sensitivity bar. I usually change my sensitivity in shooter games and they really work for me, and I would like to be able to make my camera speed move slower or quicker to match my play style. The second thing is the character system. Overall, I feel like the end game character should always be the last one you can buy. All characters should end up with similar stats, but the difference is that the lower tier characters start off with lower stats then the high tier ones, so you have to spend more to upgrade them to the stats of the higher tiers. One reason why I want this is because character upgrading becomes a total waste for the first characters, and you won’t use them at all. Otherwise, I feel like this game as massive potential

Developer Response,

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that you liked our game. Your suggestions will be forwarded to the related department. Please try our other shooting games as well. Thank you.

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