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iParkit Garage Parking app by PreFlight LLC

iParkit Garage ParkingApp Description :

We Saved Your Spot! The most convenient way to park downtown.

App Features :

iParkit gives you two ways to park in some of the best cities in the US. You can use Express or prepay for parking in Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. We own all of the garages where iParkit is used, so we’re committed to a great customer experience.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 60.4 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Park it App

I love this parking app. No more pulling actual tickets and/or trying to keep up with finding the tickets to get out of the garage. The app is on my phone and my phone is always with me. Genius!! Very simple and efficient for individuals on the move; just scan and I’m either in or out!!!

Great idea

This is a great app so you can prepay and not deal with tickets or mess with your charge card at the pay station jugging briefcase, etc.

However, I couldn’t find docs in the app that explained how it works until I took a chance and tried it. Then I saw all the details.

I’ve been reserving parking while stopped on the ramp entering downtown, and yes I know that’s still illegal mobile use. But I don’t like the short 15 min grace time, getting stuck in traffic even on my 20 drive to work is very likely. And it says you need to make a res (assume updates too) 5 minutes before entering.

Please update express rates for Chicago in app

I generally love that app, but it’s been charging me more than expected than previously. When I put in my entry and exit times for the Express estimate at the Adams & Wabash garage in Chicago, and my stay is less than 3 hours, it shows the fee should be $10, but I just parked for under 2 hours and the fee was $12! This has happened a few times. I should either be charged the amount quoted in the app, or if the express price has increased, the app should be updated to reflect this.

Government ramp in Minneapolis

Well everything was smooth going in but unfortunately there was no tickets to grab that it tells you where you parked and if you are not from downtown and are in a hurry you will likely forget , there was 2 parking garages ,one the gov center one and 4th st ,well I went to wrong one and I could not find my car the garages look identical so I’m walking up and down 8 floors to only realize there I m in the wrong garage! LOL so I get in my car on way out and my scanner won’t let me out thank God for whomever was behind the help desk she was kind and helpful and I finally got out of Minneapolis ufda


I use the app every day that I go to my office. For lack of a better term, it is wonky. I make sure to pay in the morning before I leave to make sure that I can get in, reserve and save my reservation (screen shot or Apple wallet). It often shuts down mid-reservation or goes to a grey screen. I can’t count on it to open when I need it. Many of my colleagues have said the same thing.

I love the savings and it is definitely a benefit v. pulling a ticket.

Doesn’t work as advertised

I downloaded this app so that I could save money parking in a garage that advertised an express pay price of $10 for the day instead of the usual $20. It did not work any of the 3 days I had to park in that garage so I ended up spending $60 instead of $30. I work construction and carry a lot of tools and often change locations daily so I try to park close to my workplace so I thought this app could save me money. I have emailed support 2 times and have heard nothing back. At this point I do not recommend wasting space on your phone to have the app.

Developer Response,

Sorry to hear this! It sounds like a quick fix, but we’d need a bit more information to be sure (I’d check your program code first). Our support line, iparkitsupport@intpark.com, responds within 1-2 business days, but things can sometimes fall through the cracks. Please try to contact us again or use our help desk articles or chat tool. Thanks!

Great app, but..

Used this app while on my recent trip to Chicago. It works as promised, and allows multiple in and out if parking booked for more than 24 hr. But… signing in is super glitchy, and it does not hold the password… also, while creating the account, please don’t ask for credit card info to be a part of the account…

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