Mega Car Crash Simulator – Create amazing car crashes

Mega Car Crash Simulator game by Jura Global Studio

Mega Car Crash SimulatorGame Description :

Master the car crash games

Drive and crash! Create amazing car crashes with our Mega Car Crash Simulator game to wipe out all of the life stress. Play the 3D simulator car games and become the master of car stunt driving games.

This free car game will give you all of the crashing feelings you have ever wanted for free. Get behind the wheels of racing games to explore the free 3D car crash simulator and enjoy the free driving games against other racing opponents in the furious car games.

Game Features :

Play this Mega Car Crash Simulator game and you can enjoy the car crash experience in the car games by:

Collecting numerous high-end, high-quality car crashes vehicles in the free car games collection as you pass through every single level of the driving games.

Creating your own customizable racing cars by choosing different authentic free car simulator crashing engines, luxurious accessories and colorful designs in the car games.

Earning coins as many as possible to unlock a huge number of car crash simulator levels as well as numerous amazing car racing simulator assets in our multiple 3D car games selections for free.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 9+
  • Size 324.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :

How this game changed my life

I was on my deathbed, the divorce hit me hard. I was wasting my life on terrible mobile games like my horse prince. One day I was playing a mobile game and I got an advertisement, it was for this game, it immediately caught my interest and I played almost every day for at least 4 hours a day. But then I almost got hit by a car, I was about to let go and accept the car would hit me but suddenly another car came. It got in the way of the car and a crash happened. After the crash the car stood up and said, “I am car crash 3D”. That is how this game saved my life.


This game is absolutely amazing. By the way, if y’all disable y’all’s cellular date and wifi, there is no ad interruption!! I’ve already blasted through the game in less than 30 minutes, but I would nicely request if there could be a free play mode, with like a huge city and where you could get out of your car and just do whatever you want, like GTA5 but without the inappropriate stuff.

Please read for good description not fake

Weird game when I saw it the ad was fake but they made a bold move using beamng drive gameplay so I tried it out tons of ads fake reviews BUT not as bad as some reviews better crash physics then I thought but wouldn’t see my self having this for more than a week worth a shot to see if you like it it’s not as much as a money grab as i thought it does have some effort in it but with out a BIG change I can’t see it being above 3 stars

This game is disappointing.

Hi, developers. I’ve seen a lot horrible mobile games before, but when I saw this game’s advertisement, I thought to myself “Hmm, why not?” But when I started playing, the game seemed low quality. The car crashes are okay, sound effects too, and music. I suggest adding more cars and maps to play with, and also better graphics.

I enjoy the game, but I would give it five stars if you added these updates.


Too many ads

Too many ads first of all second I’m playing game I get money right so I can finish a level and then I can back to the home screen after watching receive no money $0.00 how do you single dime penny whatever I need to fix this because I’m waiting name of all that’s it right with $75,000 gold bars or something like that and then I made the level easily and then I didn’t even receive any money to save money, and I’ve been stuck in the same dollar amount This is ridiculous. Please fix this.

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