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Marshall Bluetooth app by Marshall Group AB (publ)

Marshall BluetoothApp Description :

Change your music experience

Things have moved on. There’s no longer just a dial to twist when your favourite song comes on, then guard to make sure no one else touches it. With the app, you can crank up the volume from the kitchen and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

It’s using the powers of technology for good, and ultimately with you in control, better playlists for all. And if apps aren’t your thing, you can still use our products without it.

Using the app is simple. Just connect your devices, adjust the volume, and get on with your life. You can fiddle with more detailed adjustments if you’re that way inclined, like equalisers and noise control for headphones – everything is there to help create your perfect fit.

App Features :

Our app supports these products:
Motif II A.N.C.
Minor III
Acton III Bluetooth
Stanmore III Bluetooth
Woburn III Bluetooth
Emberton II
Motif A.N.C.
Mode II
Monitor II A.N.C.
Acton II Bluetooth
Stanmore II Bluetooth
Woburn II Bluetooth

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 298.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 14.0 or later.

User reviews :

How to connect

Ok, I will share how to connect. 1) download this app. 2) Turn on bluetooth of your i-phone. 3) The app will connect with the speaker automatically.(you can see in the app) 4) Push the source button for 2 seconds. The red light will flicker. 5) connect your i-phone with the speaker. There will be connection sound. 6) enjoy your music. 7) actually, you can find all the tips in the app’s help. I think some people didn’t follow the tips and just left the wrong reviews. check it please! It is an awesome speaker!

It’s really too bad…

I truly love the sound of my new Woburn II Marshall speaker, and in fact, I love it so much that I went out, and bought their Stanmore II speaker to pair with it, with the intention of buying second Stanmore II, so that I’d have a full sound, and one that could be better controls between the mids, and high/low ends. In a perfect world, Marshall’s apps/pairing would work half as good as their speakers do, but unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world, and Marshall’s apps are horrendous from both their ability (inabilities) to properly pair, and stayed paired with each other, but even more so, with how it communicates with ALL my music services. Why???! I mean you got the hard parts done right, why not spend the effort/resources needed to make it all work the way almost all other speaker systems do? I’m very much considering scraping the two Marshall speakers I got, and going with another company’s system, as this is truly not worth it. Sad.

Unusable after recent update

The app crashes every time i tap the bar on the bottom to attempt to change the volume of my speaker from my phone, making the app totally useless. I for some reason also had to install the speaker update 3 or 4 times before the app stopped telling me it needed to update. Its a shame because everything was working just fine a week ago.

Developer Response,

Hello, this issue should have been resolved with the latest app update, please update your app to version 2.0.6. Our apologies for the inconvenience of this.

Connectivity Issues

From my experience (IPhone 11) you must pair the speaker(s) through the app THEN pair it to your ‘phone’ via the Bluetooth settings. If you pair it to your phone then try to pair through the app it won’t work… additionally music must be selected through your media player (I use Apple Music) and it will then display through the app. The instructions do allude to this, stating to utilize the app first … but alas I only read them after it didn’t work!

Superior sound

I still use my airpod pros for work calls because they connect so easily, but when you need to listen to music there is no comparison. The app is also great for adjusting the equalizer for your preferred sound, and the noise cancellation is even better than the over-ear Bose headphones. The pass-through sound feature is also pretty slick, though I haven’t had much use for it.

Big sound, dynamic presence

I have Marshall guitar amps and play along with all types of music and need a clear, crisp audio playback system for learning new songs and just jammin’! Yes, I have the Stockwell 2 and loved that so when I read a review of the Acton 3 I knew I needed one. I waited 3 months or so then finally when it became available I didn’t hesitate and I’m more than pleased with it. My neighbors like it too!

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