Eternal Pirates – Assemble your own pirate crew

Eternal Pirates – Bounty Raid game by Foresense Entertainment Co., Limited

Eternal PiratesGame Description :

Recruit all kinds of characters, assemble your strongest pirate crew!

Game Features :

Begin an exciting journey of adventure and thrill of the highest order. Assemble your own pirate crew, recruit hundreds of players, challenge all kinds of quests and instances, and earn the respect of players from all corners of the world.

Feel you’re right there in the battlefield with the fabulous visuals. Magnificent skill effect and realistic battle scenes will make you feel the impact of every punch in every battle. Perfect combination of strategy and combat: arrange the most suitable squad, break enemy defense, don’t stop until you are the strongest pirate of the world!

Recruit your dream crewmates, and make them the best they can be. With growth and enhancement, keep boosting their power so they can deal the most unstoppable strike in the most important battle!

Every move may change your fate. Every choice and decision will determine your progress and achievements. Only with enough courage and wisdom can you become the legendary captain who will be showered with the glory of the ocean!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 1.4 GB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Good game, needs better XP gain

Great concept and its fun to play just need more ways to build XP kinda defeats the purpose of the game if we are waiting for idle XP to build.

Developer Response,

Hello, we will tell devs your feedback about idle xp. Thanks for your great support. Have fun!

Solid game

I’ve been playing for just over a week now and I have been playing consistently. The gameplay is great and I strongly enjoy the option to speed the battles with the 2X or 4X. There is a lot thrown at you which could overwhelm new players but it is all very easy to understand quickly. There are a lot of free daily gifts which greatly assist you in leveling both your account and characters up. Overall it’s a solid fun game for those who enjoy One Piece.

Ads need to not lie about gameplay

If the ad lies the game is worthless and that is why nobody should download at all for you needn’t waste your time at all that is why I give five stars because if I don’t you won’t see my review because they want you to download the game but you shouldn’t download a game that lies just so you’ll download it

Great game, microtransactions need work

The game itself is great, love it visually and it’s fun to play. The microtransactions need value balanced as buying gold fruits with jade fruit should be a higher roi than it is

How do I get the summons?

I like the game but I saw a add of TikTok from this and it’s said “1000” summons today download app and I downloaded it and nothin used both codes nothin

Does anyone else’s game load the blue bar and then reload it again

Please help me what is going on with my game

positive feedback

i’m not an ai tbh i’m a huge fan of one piece and the game isn’t bad it’s really fun i’ve been playing it non stop every day for 12 days straight getting online whenever i have the chance only issue is leveling system once u get to a higher lvl it’s hard to lvl up but overall a pretty good game for one piece fans

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