Doodle Jump 2 – Exciting new environments

(Game) Doodle Jump 2

Doodle Jump 2  Game Description :

The most addictive game on the App Store is all new with delightful new environments, the cutest new characters, fun new platform challenges and some silly new monsters.

Jump up on platforms and collect stars to unlock cool new characters and exciting new environments.

Unlock all the levels and collect all the characters! Beat your friends’ high scores and become the new Doodle Jump King!

Game Features :

Cavemen world with T-rex, triceratops, falling stones, prehistoric turtles…

Desert world with quicksand, genie, scorpions, desert monsters…

Sleepy world with ba-ba sheep monsters, pillow monsters, fireflies, pillow platforms…

Aviator world with helicopters, jet platforms, propeller platforms…

Space world with moon cheese platforms, platform eating monsters, starships, robots, rocket cyclops…

Rainy world with mud and puddle platforms, rainstorm, raincoat monsters…

Disco world with disco platforms, disco ball monsters…

Additional Information :

  • Size 115.7 MB
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

User Reviews :

A little Tip.

Hi! I thought I might give you a little tip for making some more money through ads. The game doesn’t require internet/wi-fi to play. And there’s a way to turn OFF ads for free! Simply turn airplane mode on and turn WiFi off. Then you get no ads (sometimes you get an ad or two, but most ads are gone). Which means, if more people do that, the you know, the developer team/company thingamabobber gets less money, which could lead to the app being wiped off the app store. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So, here’s a little tip to prevent that from happening. Make the game require wifi. So, then no one can do the hack, and you get your money. But maybe you could do a little something to make up for all those ads by doing something in the game to get no ads temporarily. Like for example, get 20 stars in one run to get no ads for 10 minutes, so that you don’t have to lower the price of no ads permanently (which is like ten billon dollars).

BTW You’re welcome.

Bye! Happy Holidays!


I’ve been playing regular doodle jump for a while and was excited to try this version. It took a bit to adjust to the height gaining difference which was ok but the game mechanics are so frustrating in this version. Black holes seem to get you from a much further distance, platforms are easier to miss, jumps don’t feel as uniform, and the most frustrating thing is that jet packs drop you at the bottom of the screen where it’s tough to catch a platform. Additionally due to a higher level of difficulty games end much sooner and there’s ads after every game. I definitely won’t be shelling out $5 to get rid of ads on this game.

The new platforms are cool but can be too much all at once. The amount of traps that occur all at once is ridiculous for a fast moving game. Way too many black holes. The original eases into difficulty way better than this one which just throws you in the deep end where a skilled player can die in the first 500. I will say im not the best at the original but I’ve scored over 200k and 100k a handful of times where in this game 2 minutes of playing gets to the difficulty seen around 10 minutes of playing the original. I suspect that scoring is scaled down 10x but it seems so unnecessary. I’d give the game 4-5 stars if they fixed black holes, difficulty easing, and scoring.

Really like Doodle Jump 2, except for a few things

I have been enjoying Doodle Jump 2, but I have found a few things that don’t seem to work the same way as the other Doodle Jump versions. First, whenever you get a propeller hat, a jet pack or a rocket, as you fly upward and pass by stars, you don’t collect them as you would in the other versions, you just go right past them. And when you get a magnet, it doesn’t draw the stars to you, as it does in the other versions, they seem to do absolutely nothing. I also have a question about the final gold mine level: Why don’t the gold nuggets that you collect accumulate like the stars and other items in the other versions of Doodle Jump, like the Christmas and Batman ones? Those games allow you to accumulate the things you collect in order to purchase various things, like power-ups and different characters & outfits. Again, I am enjoying Doodle Jump 2, I think it could just use some improvements so it functions as well as the other versions of Doodle Jump.

Honest opinion

So I’ve actually been a huge fan of doodle jump for over a decade. I’ve loved the simplicity of the game and was addicted from the very beginning. During the first game I was super impressed by the new styles being introduced and the different achievements and unlockables you could obtain. With Dood Jump 2 I feel like there’s a lot of wasted potential. Don’t get me wrong, I think some of the levels are really charming, but overwhelmingly there’s really no creative license with most the levels. Like the rain and final level! I would have loved little puddles on platforms that cause splashing animations and sounds as you boosted off of them, or a bit of thunder and lightning. It would have been so cool if there where platforms you had to avoid because lightning was about to strike it! Idk.. just lacking soul I guess.

I’d like to add just how disappointed I was to not see any great creative backgrounds like on doodle jump 1. They where boring :/. And I know y’all have it in you!

Don’t even get me started on the final stage lol. I don’t understand it’s theme at all. It was boring and just as significant as the first stage except of the annoying background music.

I’m not trying to sound hyper critical of this game, because I honestly still love it. But I’m just so disappointed at the lack of challenges, unlockables and creativity put into some of the levels.

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