Clear Wave – Help you test your speakers

Clear Wave app by Appchi LLC

Clear WaveApp Description :

The app plays sounds that can help you test your speakers.

App Features :

With the help of a sound level meter, you can find out how many decibels and hertz the device you are checking reproduces.

You can also find out if the microphone on your phone is clogged.

Privacy policy:


Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 35.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 14.1 or later.

User Reviews :

Amazing! Saved my iPhone 13 Pro Max!

I tried to balance my iPhone 13 Pro Max on the top of the shower, which is about 6 and a half feet high. It fell flat on its back and slid into the shower stream. The audio immediately sounded distorted to the point that I thought the impact had knocked the speaker connection loose or busted the speaker! I turned the phone off and wrapped the iPhone in a towel while I finished my shower. When I got out, I made sure the phone was dry and decided to turn it back on and test the speakers. Still distorted. After a quick google search, I found the Clear Wave app and voilà! You just press the test button, place your phone face down, and plug your ears (if you are sensitive to certain tones or pitches). Cherry on top: After it runs through the cycle of water and debris clearing tones, you get to test your sound with a pretty fire beat! I was so satisfied with the results that I actually rated and reviewed an app like a real grown up! Thank you, Clear Wave. You did what my mom has been trying to do for 35 years. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to file my taxes or something

Great other than ads

This was so good. I put my right AirPod in the pocket of my jeans and forgot so I put them in the washing machine. Bout half way through the wash I realized I had left it in there so I quickly took it out and went to this app that I had gotten just a couple hours earlier today… I had to put my finger around the AirPod to act like it was in my ear to get the sound to work but after that I turned the volume to 100% and watched it do its magic… the ads are kinda annoying but it’s fine since it saved me 250$ … Apple AirPods ain’t waterproof (as they say on their website) so I was so shocked. This worked so good

Great idea for a App…!

Have you ever dropped your phone  in water, like a pool, ocean or even a toilet…., then your like running around like a craZy person trying to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get whatever water there is out…?!

So when I heard about this App, I was like , Wow….pretty cool!

On the home page there are Icons that make different sounds that you can use to vibrate your phones speakers and supposedly it helps to extract any water out, I gotta say, does it WORK…? Idk, but in that situation, you’ll be Happy you got this App…

Try it, even to just show your friends and I’ll bet everyone will be like” wow, cool”.


This app is the best app I have ever downloaded and honestly it works so good for me because I play music in the shower and I have a shelf in my shower and I put my phone there and sometimes it falls and gets into the water and I have to shake my phone like crazy to get all the water out but when I downloaded this app it was amazing. It just got all the water rattled. The sound was perfect if I did it myself and just shake all the water out the sound is still a little shaky, but with this app, I love it you will love it too and I guarantee you that you will not regret down loading it!

Wow I usually don’t do reviews, but this actually worked and I just did the limited trial!

My phone sat in water for quite a bit before I realized it was there. It sounded fine after I dried it up, but the next day is when I noticed the problem. I ended up having water in the ear speaker. I googled what to do and a bunch of articles said that you could play sounds to clear it up. I went to the App Store and just downloaded this one. Played the noises with my phone faced down and volume all the way up and it worked!

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