City Car Driving School Sim 3D – Learn traffic rules step by step

City Car Driving School Sim 3D game by Better Games Studio Pty Ltd.

City Car Driving School Sim 3DGame Description :

#1 Car Driving School
Learn traffic rules step by step while driving 32+ super cars & unlimited customization options, Play online with your friends in open world

The most challenging car driving and parking simulator game of 2022
Now you can get entertainment for hours by playing driving school simulator the best car parking game on your smart device. Parking and driving game will be provided with the multiple luxury, turbo and sports cars. Driving school simulator will built top driving skills in you in no time such as steering, breaking, acceleration, hurdle avoidance etc.

Are you too lazy to go to driving school or academy? After spending a little time you will be able to master the car driving skills by playing the simulation of city car parking game of 2017. You will not be able to remind bus or truck simulator, taxi racing simulator, driver simulator, csr, dr.driving, dr.parking or any other car simulation game that you ever have played any more after playing city car driving and parking school simulator.
Start the engine, wear the seat belt, manual transmission, auto transmission, traffic lanes, traffic signals, traffic rules and learn all the other basic instructions and become a professional driver. The populated roads of urban city are filled with monster vehicles (buses, trucks etc.) and traffic police is making sure that no one breaks the rule and remains safe. After driving school simulator game you know that driving a racing car is not a great challenge but to master parking is even a greater challenge.

You will drive the best sports cars around city, corners, obstacles, and parking with speed .It’s a great practice for you to park your racing car in real life.
City learning driving academy always ensures safety and guidelines given by police, and don’t appreciate the crazy adventure, like track stunts or drifting to be a mad king. So watch out for the traffic and traffic lights as you are racing against time.

After driving and parking all sports cars, muscle cars and modern cars you are the legend of the road!
You can improve your driving skills by enjoying city car parking!
Game Features :
Stunningly amazing city 3D environment, with flyover bridges and freeways all covered in this city driving school simulator 2017.
Great and realistic physics.
AI traffic and traffic lights, keeping you honest on the road.
Thrilling and exciting missions
Game starts with driving and street parking lesson through instructor.
Get your driver license only on completion of all testing modes in the final test.
Effective city traffic lights and roundabouts are all in place.
Realistic damage system. Do not crash the car.
Smooth Tilt, buttons and steering controls are intelligently designed for this driving school game.
Demo presented before the street car parking levels.

Term Of Use:

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 466.7 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Love it but some ideas

I LOVE this app! But I want to add some things to it… maybe some people driving it. They can also get out of the car and walk around! Also oh the freeway/highway thing I want to add MUCH more cars on it, so it’s packed, like real ones! And maybe you can make the other cars go faster too. MY MAIN IDEA: my main idea is to add maps! When you press “Start Map” it tracks your car and when you press “Stop Map” it stops and you have a option to save it. So whenever you go back on to the game you can look for that map so you don’t forget where you have to go to get there! I will be SUPER excited if you add that to this game!!! Thanks for reading this! Hope you add the stuff!!

Please fix this bug.

While playing this game, at first I enjoyed then, I ran into a problem, when I went to the parking mode after, a certain amount of levels I try and hit the next button and it just stops working completely to the point where I have to close the game and wait a couple of minutes and then open it again and only then will it work for about 5-10 min. Until I run into the same problem and the process repeats, mind you I’ve barely had this game, for a day so developer if you see, this please fix it reach to me before a week or so because I see great potential in this game but I can’t enjoy with bugs and glitches and also please add more features like, being able to get out of the car and walk, and in game missions for free drive mode and online I don’t wanna regret downloading this. And also until the problem is fixed I will only give two stars after it is resolved I will then see if this game deserves three stars or more.

Developer Response,

Hello sir thank you for such a detailed review, and we are sorry for inconvenience. The point you are mentioning has been written by our development team, it will be fixed in the coming updates. You suggestions are very much appreciated, we always work on users suggestions. The next update is also a major part of user requests, with exciting features like NOS, Drift, Different Physics Behaviours, Feeling system, damage system, Stunts, Items pick up system and much more. We hope that you will like the coming update. Will be live in couple of days. Your requests will also be implemented in the coming updates. Thank you for choosing us, we really appreciate it Best Regards

I love but could be better.

Hi, so I have had this game for maybe 2 years and have loved it so much. Ever since the update it have been not so fun. When you are learning how to drive when you finish the level it will log you out. When you do free mode you use to be able to just drive around and have fun but now you can’t do that. When you are driving around there are things like how fast can you go or racing witch I do not like because I just liked driving around. I love the multiplayer though it is so much fun me and my friend play on FaceTime together. On multiplayer if I just want to play by my self I use to go on free mode but now I have to create my on private room do play by my self. Other then this I love this game so much. Get the game today!!!!!! Have a good day

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