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Carbon Health – Medical Care app by Carbon Health Technologies, Inc.

Carbon HealthApp Description :

Book a Doctor Appointment, Virtually or In-Clinic. Carbon Health Offers Adult & Pediatric Primary & Urgent Care, Mental Health Care, COVID 19 Testing, & more.

Great healthcare should be easy and accessible for everyone. That’s why Carbon Health helps you get care that doesn’t end when you leave the clinic. Our easy-to-use app allows you to book appointments, message your provider, view your health history, and manage your prescriptions — all in one place.

App Features :

Book a virtual or in-person appointment that fits your schedule
Get care for your body and mind, whether it’s urgent or preventive
Find a provider that prioritizes you
Message your care team
View medical records — including lab results, prescriptions, care plans, X-rays, and more!
Follow through on your care plan with personalized, easy-to-complete tasks
Reference upcoming milestones like booking an in-clinic follow up appointment through our health checklists
Participate in personalized chronic condition programs, including diabetes management (and soon hypertension and asthma)
Get provider recommendations based on your connected-device health data, including continuous glucose monitoring

To access your medical information, you will need to be a patient of Carbon Health. Join today at

Some of the benefits we offer:
No membership fees
Coverage through most insurance plans
Telemedicine across the United States
Timely appointments for COVID-19 antibody and travel testing

Have feedback or need help? Select Contact Support within the app.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 17+
  • Size 193.9 MB
  • Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Amazing service!

I’ve been having a pretty severe case of a bacterial infection or bronchitis. My doctor referred me to Carbon bc they do have coronavirus tests. I went in and they saw me – no copay! – gave me the flu test, negative. Took some chest x rays which were luckily negative too. So probably not corona and I get it, I’m a young female so they didn’t give me a test but did give me medication bc they think its a bacterial infection. They’ve been follow up texting with me and my shortness of breath has gotten worse so they’ve given me more instructions and medication to address the symptoms and asked me to come in if it doesn’t get better soon – I have a preexisting condition (asthma).

ANYWAYS the point is the app is great and very user friendly. I’ve gotten responses within 4 hours every single time. I was able to come in for an appointment within 24 hours. The appointment took less than 1 hour and involved a flu test and a chest x day. They’ve followed up every couple days. Everyone I’ve talked to is just amazing and gracious. They send the prescriptions to my local pharmacy at the click of a button. It’s an amazing healthcare experience ESPECIALLY during these crazy Coronavirus times. I know I’m unlikely to die of whatever this is and I know the medical system is overwhelmed and I’m grateful to have had good, FREE (to me, my insurance will pick up the bill per govt mandate) and QUICK care.

Thank you Joanna, Elizabeth, Mike and Andry!!

Follow Up Care Not Great

Prescriptions were not called in after I left and I was told they would be ready in an hour? After making a call into a “call center” 1 1/2 hours while at the pharmacy, I was told the prescriptions had not been called in yet (while the app said the prescriptions had been filled at a random pharmacy I had never heard of in Culver City, an hour from where I live?) 4 hours later I realized I am in trouble as 22 hours of alternating Tylenol, Ibuprofin & Aleeve have had no effect on a throbbing ear ache and no sleep. The “call center” says someone will call me to discuss calling in a prescription for pain. Instead of calling they are leaving me messages on the app which I would have no way of knowing? After another hour and a half of not receiving a call, I call back to the call center to be told to check the messages on my app. At this point, they are 1 hour from closing for the night. I send the obligatory texts back. They finally call me 15 minutes before closing. I am resigned to going back to my essential oils – tea tree, oregano, garlic with olive oil to hopefully find any type of pain relief so maybe I can sleep until the antibiotics kick in in another 24 hours…unbelievable & we are supposed to be called “PATIENTS” – I have lost my patience & I just need some relief!!!

Developer Response,

Hello. Thank you for reaching out. We are terribly sorry for the frustration and discomfort you experienced. This certainly isn’t in-line with a typical experience and we have taken the necessary actions to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Thank you again for letting us know. Take care.

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