Airbuds Widget – Feel closer to your friends through the music

Airbuds Widget app by Capp Inc

Airbuds WidgetApp Description :

Airbuds is a widget for best friends to share their listening activity.

You and your friends can see what each other are listening to right on your home screens.
You can react to songs, play music on the app, and start a conversation.

It makes you feel closer to your friends through the music they’re listening to at any moment.

App Features :

1. Sign up with Spotify or Apple Music or Musi and add the widget to your home screen
2. See what your friends are listening to
3. React to songs, play music on the app, and start a convo.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 69.8 MB
  • Requires iOS 15.0 or later.

User Reviews :

I cannot describe how MUCH I love this app

Everything about this app is AMAZING, yes there are some downs… bugs here and there. However, this app works wonderfully for a -newer- released app. Not to even *mention* the feedback and how quickly they get back to you despite not being such a large app. I reported a bug a few days ago, it was handled quickly and instead of having to go through all the complicated procedures I have to do with other apps they asked me simple questions and replied fast. It was so amazing I couldn’t help but give my praise in the chat with the person helping me (lol). The concept is great, I absolutely ADORE how the requesting for features option is. Very simple app that has me literally addicted. I now listen to more music than ever just to see my weekly stats go up. Absolutely love this app and have recommended it to so many of my friends. Only thing I wish for is a place to send my praise to all the lovely people working on it ! (Lol) keep up the amazing work!!

Good concept but…

I don’t know if it’s bcuz I use apple music but it doesn’t track everything I listen to. If I listen to a song multiple times it only shows as one singular listen. Even if I play the whole track and wait for the next song to start playing before going back, it’ll show as one; same as if I play a couple of songs and go back, it’ll still show as the one listen. And on the flip side, songs that I’m skipping and only play for a second will show up as if I listened to the whole song. So, it’s not very accurate yet. But I definitely dig the concept. I think this app has the potential to be really cool! I just wish it logged my songs correctly. I also just wanna note that my app is completely up to date.

A suggestion I think would be rlly cool is putting all the “currently playing” songs at the top of the feed page, kind of like how stories look on instagram, and then they could drop into the feed after. I feel like that would make it easier to see who’s playing what and when. Because right now it gets a bit confusing. The feed doesn’t always show the “currently playing” (I have to go to my friends pages to see it sometimes) and the widget doesn’t show the most recent song. So, for clarity, I think this could make the app easier to use/navigate


This app is great for playing around with your friends and seeing what they listen to. I check it multiple times a day and enjoy when a friend and I are listening to something in common, as well as reacting with emojis to whatever they are listening to. If you are looking for an app with a ton of features and things to do, this app is not for you. This app is great for what it is but it’s not meant to have any games or any kind of entertainment that will last for hours. Two things though: The weekly recaps don’t truthfully reflect a summary of what you were listening to. It’s been a few times where in my top five was a song I listened to once because I was curious about it. Also, the app is delayed of what people are listening to at that time but it isn’t that big of a deal. There are just times when I’m listening to a song but the app doesn’t recognize that I was listening to it until five minutes later when I’m not anymore. Anyways, I recommend this app for having a laugh with your friends and (in a friendly manner,) judging what they’re listening to.

I genuinely love this app.

This is a very fun app for music lovers. I recommend this app to people who want to expand their music variety. It is ideal that you have your friends who share similar music taste added onto this app. Personally, I was able to find amazing songs thanks to a few of my friends. This app reminds me, a lot of TikTok, but in its own special way. So while you’re scrolling, you get to see a few songs that your friends have listened to within the past few minutes, I believe. You get the chance to listen to a sample of the song to see if it peaks your interest. I’ve only had this app for a solid week and I think I’ll have it around for a while. I hope you get the chance to enjoy this app as much as I do. Happy listening!

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