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(App) Round Health

Round Health  App Description :

Round makes it easier to remember to take your medicine, so you can worry less, live healthier, and be happier.
This simple, beautiful app organizes all of your medications and vitamins in one place.

It provides subtle, persistent reminders that go beyond awkward phone alarms. By helping you set “reminder windows” tailored to your medicine and schedule, Round accommodates life’s unpredictable distractions and removes the stress of staying healthy.

App Features :

Simple and intuitive interface to viewing all of your medications and vitamins
Complex scheduling of various doses and schedules
Tracking and taking of as-needed/PRN medications
Apple Watch App and Complications
Refill reminders for medications
Persistent push notifications that remind you even if you forget or miss the first one
Streak counting and historical viewing of previous days and months
Refill tracking and reminders
Specialized flow for birth control packs
User accounts for backup and syncing between devices

We love user feedback! If you have any questions, ideas or complaints at all reach out to us at or @roundhealthco on Twitter.

Additional Information :

  • Size 34.9 MB
  • Requires iOS 8.0 and watchOS 3.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

User Reviews :

  1. I have always been absolutely terrible at taking pills. I never did it at consistent times, if I even remembered to take them at all, and sometimes I would have trouble remembering if I’d even taken them or not that day. Thank heaven I decided to search the app store for a pill reminder app and thank heaven I chose Round! Not only does it keep giving me notifications until I take my pill (which I really really need because I get distracted easily), it also allows me to put in what medicine and the dosage for each scheduled dose. I love love love that it gives me an interval of time to take my pill and will give me reminders in that time instead of just having a single notification! I also looove the look of this app! It’s pretty and user friendly and the little animations of check marks when you take your pill are so nice. I also like that the green and red of the reminders are more pastel because it’s less stressful! My one issue with this app is that for some reason, sometimes when I try to open the app, it just automatically quits 5-8 times before I can get it to open, which can be frustrating when I’m in a hurry to record my doses. I gave four stars for this reason, but I’m hoping that with this feedback, the people at Round will be able to fix this issue and I’ll gladly then give this app an enthusiastic 5 stars!
  2. Every single time I see the stupid notification “would you like to rate our app?” I immediately click no because if I really thought it was worth writing a review for, I wouldn’t need to be asked. But it popped up today and I HAD to. I LOVE this app. I bought an Apple Watch not too long ago, not really knowing all of the benefits of it, while simultaneously trying to find things I could do with it. I found this app in the watch App Store and after downloading it, I am not kidding – it changed my life. I am an INCREDIBLY forgetful person. And also not very good with routine. That being said, I have to take certain medications every SINGLE day around the same time to get the full effect of them – but like I said, I am all over the place and rarely have routine in my life. This app changed that. Every morning I wake up and I am EXCITED to check off the medications I need to take, like I’m playing a game with myself: how many days can you go taking it at the right time? It’s motivating in a way that I couldn’t get motivated on my own to have a routine that benefits my life way more than just a simple click of a button. Thank you so much to all of those who helped create this application – you have helped me in more ways than I can explain in this review.

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