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Cortana  App Description :

Achieve more with less effort—your personal productivity assistant helps you get things done, stay on top of what matters, follow through, and do your best work!

App Features :

Achieve more with less effort—your personal productivity assistant helps you get things done, stay on top of what matters, and do your best work! Cortana will help you manage your calendar, send emails or texts, and deliver on your commitments so things don’t fall through the cracks. Your assistant can also help you find info, manage lists, and give you reminders.

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Size 209.3 MB

User Reviews :

Using the Cortana app to search using text or voice is still a very good experience. However there are three pain points for me:

1) managing HK Invoke speakers seems to be broken for me since I added a second speaker. Currently the “Play a Sound” toggle for active listening is what’s not working.

2) I unlinked my work O365 account, but Cortana seems determined to remember the account and every so often keeps reminding me to login to my work O365 account.

3) the check for updates button has started to say that it wasn’t able to check for updates. Considering that I have reinstalled the app as recently as 1.5-2 months ago, this is very odd.

I have all but eliminated Siri from my iPhone without jail breaking it! For those that can’t get Cortana just dl MS LAUNCHER(it’s integrated with Cortana). Voice to text for messaging works well but I would like to see voice to text with Cortana not require a physical touch of the send button. Other than that I have Siri so far in the background I only need her to launch Cortana (which would be nice to eliminate Siri all together). I would prefer my windows phone back (hint to MS, to step up their phone game and want to compete in the app race.) windows phone is so much better than what is out there today, but it lacks the apps and therefore appeal to users. I only have an iPhone because of my employer and we are a windows based company(go figure).. one day I hope to use my winphone again but until then ms for iPhone is the next best thing.

The iPhone and this app would be better off if Apple would allow it to show more info in the top drop down menu, or show up on the lock screen. The best parts that made the Windows Phone so spectacular at scheduling, automating, and communication are lacking in iPhone. This could help with that. Overall this app helps bring you a little office365 windows comfort to your iPhone. That is great! If only it made the audio sound as good as the Windows Lumia 950. It does not have Cortana news like Windows did either. You will need to get used to swiping open the left lock screen to review Cortana info.

Cortana offers an amazing experience for fans of the Microsoft ecosystem. I use Cortana to set location and time-based reminders, but I especially enjoy how she works across devices and platforms. I use a pair of Surface Headphones, and she works really well with the app on my phone. However, I only wish that the device and software interface would be improved more. There are times when I speak into my Surface Headphones and the Cortana App doesn’t immediately respond or it toggles the pop-up message indicating that she is listening but then registers an error. I really urge Microsoft to fix these sort of bugs to make Cortana flawless.

As someone who uses a Windows 10 phone, a Surface Pro 3, and a Windows 10 laptop, I love that Microsoft has taken the road less traveled and given other platforms access to some of its popular software (still waiting for Google and Apple to do that). This Cortana app, along with Office, OneDrive, Xbox, Groove, Skype, etc. allow me to more or less avoid using the built-in iOS applications, giving my iPad another shot at being useful in some way. Of course, the nature of iOS keeps Cortana from being as integrated as it is on Windows, but it’s still a lot better than Siri. A lot, LOT better than Siri.

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