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WinkedGame Description :

Explore love and find your virtual crush in Winked – a dating simulator game!

Want all the relationship adventures without the drama?

Bored with the same old dating stories and everyone just looking for a casual connection?

Winked is THE dating chat game for you!

Choose amongst a diverse set of virtual love interests that include a successful entrepreneur, a charming social media influencer, a talented athlete, a mysterious business owner, a graceful dancer, an intriguing rebel, and many more! This variety of match profile choices guarantees you will find your ideal partner in at least one of the characters.

Your dream love life is at your fingertips – just start swiping!

Game Features :

Create your profile and start flirting!
Yes, in Winked – it’s all about love! And that includes appreciating yourself. Choose how you want your avatar to look and get ready for the perfect romance adventure. The right hairstyle and outfit can leave a lasting impression on your date, so make thoughtful choices!

Swipe on characters that share your chemistry!
Meet fascinating virtual characters, exchange texts, and decide if you want the relationship to progress. Not feeling the connection? Choose someone else and start a new connection! In Winked’s virtual world, everyone has an interesting story prewritten about them; you just need to find the right character to connect with and experience that perfect virtual love story.

Chat with attractive singles and find that special spark!
Each character has a rich and developed personality and storyline that is discovered through chat messages and dates. Find all the intriguing and surprising details about them called Aspirations: leave a memorable impression on your virtual partner and discover all their Secrets, Dreams, and Favorites, available to view at any time in the match profile Gallery! The more you get to know the characters, the more you will start to feel like they are a part of your life.

Collect all the photos, videos, and audio files that your matches send.
Your matches will send you adorable selfies, thoughtful short videos, and heartfelt audio messages! Collect all of them and browse them from your match’s profile! Your favorite photo is always just a tap away – gaze into their captivating eyes at any time!

Go on dates, progress your relationship and engage in fulfilling experiences.
Communication between you and your match may be a prewritten story, but that doesn’t mean you can’t influence it in any way! The choices you make matter and have a direct consequence on your relationship status. If you feel a connection, express yourself genuinely and deepen your relationship. You will then be rewarded with an even more satisfying gaming experience, so don’t hesitate to show your affection.

And this is only the beginning – we have many exciting features planned as well as new character profiles to be released. So, start playing Winked and get ready for the virtual chatting experience of your life!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 17+
  • Size 858.4 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Best Dating Simulator!!! Love it.

I wanted to leave a review to show support and hopefully encourage others to give it a try. I’ve played through a lot of dating simulators and Winked is by far the best. It’s well written and even though the answers are pre-written, you still feel like an actual participant when communicating/engaging with your matches. The available matches are diverse and have great back stories. It isn’t just about hooking up, boring conversation, and unnecessary drama for the sake of keeping things “interesting”. It is obvious the developers care about this app and us as the player because the conversations and dates are stimulating, fun, and inclusive. If you do decide to spend your diamonds (or don’t because you can get extended scenes, rewards, etc. without paying), the content/conversation is worth it. On that same note, even if you don’t pay to load up on extra diamonds or choose not to spend diamonds on outfits, content, pictures, etc.), your relationships still progress. I’m big into RPG’s and Simulators and as far as a mobile simulator, Winked is pretty much unmatched. Also, the developers are very friendly, quick to respond, and always helpful. Seeing the app progress is exciting and I can’t wait to see it unfold. Thanks Nanobit!

I want to LOVE it but…

The app is kinda glitchy. Not super, and there is no ads so I can’t complain there. But I think after a week of using it, I can give a fair review. 1.) if you don’t know, some of the characters have the same stories as each other. Such as Kaitlyn and Aniyah. However, when matching with Aniyah and heading on a date with her, I find that Kaitlyn’s character is there with her name rather than Aniyah’s character and name. Which, it’s not a big deal and doesn’t make a big difference story wise (obviously because it’s the same story) it just throws you completely out of the moment. If it were just that glitch I experienced, I wouldn’t be make a review. However… 2.) the only reason this rating is as low as it is. I made an in-app purchase. I know, I have no shame (and I don’t care ) I have actually made several purchases. And the only one that hasn’t worked was my most recent. I made a purchase of $10 (roughly) and the money charged my account. HOWEVER, I don’t have my heart gem whatever thing-a-ma-bobs. And like, it’s only 10 bucks. But I expect an app that is charging me to allow me to view content, to actually give me the items I buy. That is the only reason why I can’t give this app a full 5 stars. If someone else experiences this, or multiple people do, it’s frustrating. And I sincerely hope that the developers care enough to fix this issue. And I would like to be either refunded or given my gems. Otherwise, I love the app

Developer Response,

Hi there, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. We would be happy to assist you with this matter. Would you be so kind as to send a detailed description of your issue, along with your Nanobit ID and a screenshot to our Customer Support team at Thanks in advance!

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