Truck Simulator PRO USA – Build your own trucking empire

Truck Simulator PRO USA game by MAGEEKS SC

Truck Simulator PRO USAGame Description :

Embark on your greatest journey! American highways and roads await!

Experience the ultimate trucking adventure with Truck Simulator PRO USA! Immerse yourself in the world of American trucking as you explore vast highways and breathtaking landscapes across the United States. Transport goods, take on challenging missions, and build your own trucking empire.

Game Features :

Drive Authentic American Trucks:
Take the wheel of a variety of authentic American trucks, including iconic brands and models. Feel the power and precision of these massive machines as you navigate cities, highways, and off-road routes. Customize and upgrade your trucks to suit your style and enhance their performance.

Explore Iconic American Landscapes:
Embark on a journey through diverse and stunning landscapes across the United States. Drive through bustling cities, scenic countryside, and vast deserts, experiencing the beauty and variety of American scenery. Encounter realistic weather conditions and day-night cycles that add to the immersive gameplay.

Complete Challenging Missions:
Take on a wide range of engaging missions and challenges as you progress in your trucking career. Transport various types of cargo, navigate tight spaces, and overcome obstacles along the way. Earn rewards and unlock new opportunities as you successfully complete missions.

Build Your Trucking Empire:
Start as a small-time trucker and work your way up to becoming a respected and successful trucking tycoon. Invest your earnings wisely to expand your fleet, hire skilled drivers, and establish your own logistics company. Strategically manage your business to maximize profits and dominate the trucking industry.

Key Features:

Realistic American truck simulator with immersive gameplay
Wide selection of authentic American trucks to drive
Explore iconic American landscapes and cities
Engaging missions and challenges to test your skills
Customize and upgrade your trucks for enhanced performance
Realistic weather conditions and day-night cycles

If you’re a fan of truck simulators and seeking an authentic trucking experience in the United States, Truck Simulator PRO USA is the game for you. Get ready to hit the road and conquer the American trucking industry!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 2.9 GB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

To whom it may concern

I like this game I like the way the game is set up but it needs a little bit more work to it such as I want to be able to open the truck door and get out the truck without being stuck if I park somewhere that’s not part of the truck I wanna be able to get out the truck and jump in another truck that I purchase and pick up a trailer and so forth and so on another thing is you got a fix the way this game is playing when I use the starting wheel. It doesn’t work that good and I got a brand new iPhone that I just purchased this year. Any nothing wrong with my phone your game Hass to be fixed the sternum we’re on it Hass to be better. The traffic on the game Hass to be better. Is there anyway by us not putting money into the game? We can build our way up to owning new trucks new paint job new trailers, new jobs I mean don’t just want to just spend money just to get everything that this game is offer and I feel it is not right as well because I’m giving you money for trucks and trailers but this game is not working properly for me to keep putting my money into this and you have customers that feel the same way we feel you need to work a lot more on this game if you want people to start putting money into buying trucks and trailers in business, so please fix this


I absolutely this game and been playing for a while, even sunk a little money in because i want to further help this game but the complaint i have is my truck is dirty and the prompt for cleaning it doesn’t pop up when parked in the wash station. A couple more improvements i think should be added would be more truck models, more light options like chicken lights along cab and airfilter lights. The biggest improvement I would love is once you rent a trailer missions are available instead of having to figure out which places to buy with badges, i rented the logging trailer and haven’t got a single logging mission. Lovely game keep up the good work!

Hello again, i think the second biggest thing that needs to be acted on is being able to be stayed connected to a owned trailer instead of having to go back to your base to pick it up again!

Good game with potential to be great

I’ve followed this game since it was mentioned and it turned out to be a good game. With that being said there is always room for improvement. Turning the corners and crashing is an issue. As well as accidents in general. I also made a purchase and never got the 2,500. I’ve also noticed the speed limit is all over the place now 97mph in random areas. I still love the game and can’t wait to see the corrections and growth. Also the pay scale is really off that needs to be corrected asap for people to fully enjoy the game.

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