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Stone GrassApp Description :

Enjoy making things look nice and neat? Then you’ll be blown away by Stone Grass—the most satisfying lawn mower game where your main goal is to cut grass to make lawns look perfect! Only three things matter in this grass-cutting game: you, a neat lawn, and the grass that stands between. Take your lawnmower for a ride, cut grass, and become the master of the grass-cutting craft in one of the best lawn mower games. Let’s get mowing!

App Features :


Stone Grass isn’t just another relaxing grass-cutting game—it’s one of the best idle tycoon games! In it, you can build a whole empire just by mowing grass. The rules of this lawn mower simulator are simple: you make green by mowing green. Be the one to create the most thriving harvest business in the history of all idle tycoon games!


Stone Grass follows the logic of upgrade games, meaning that to get the most fun out of this idle game, you’ll need to constantly improve your skills and stats. Upgrade your equipment, increase your speed and capacity, and most importantly, cut grass—and you’ll soon start reaping the harvest of your grass-cutting craft!


In this ultimate lawn mower simulator, plenty of lawns desperately need to be mowed. Travel between islands, guide your lawnmower through the bushy fields, and mow the lawns until not even a blade of grass is left. Nothing can stop you or your trusty grass cutter in this mowing simulator!

No doubt you haven’t seen an upgrade game like this one before. Still not convinced this mowing simulator is the best? Here’s what you’re bound to love about this mowing game:

Unique mechanics
Beautiful landscapes
Crisp and bright graphics
A fun and addictive grass-cutting game
Relaxing gameplay
Constant profit and amazing rewards
The ability to craft and customize

Who said that mowing games couldn’t be fun? Stone Grass is nothing like the other idle games you’ve played. This lawn mower game will prove to you that mowing grass can be fun and addictive! Download Stone Grass—one of the best mowing games out there. The greatest adventure of your life is waiting for you in this mowing simulator!

Additional Information :

  • Size 211.2 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User reviews :

Fun but lacking…

Really great concept. Fun game loop while you’re in the level. Really satisfying to watch the grass get cut. However everything else about this game is lacking. There are only 30 short levels and they are all roughly the same. This is a problem as a max 3-star rating can yield you 5 diamonds which is the only way to level your vehicle. The game on completion gives you the ability to upgrade once and 40 diamonds left over with the next vehicle set at 1200 diamonds. So your only way forward is micro transactions. There are power ups throughout the level so I had to use those to progress which each come with a 30 second ad. Before each level (30 times this happens) you’re hit with the same micro transaction advertisement. Which I finally did pay the $9.99 on top of the $3 to turn off ads.

All in all, this is a half baked game with frequent enough crashes and poor user interface design. There is a severe lack of content the whole game can be played in about 2 hours once you are not gated by your gear progression.

I would probably skip this unless there is new content and updates coming but… I’m not holding my breath.

Too Many Ads

This game is actually a lot of fun and can help ease time when bored. There are two problems that come with this game.

1. Way, way, way too many ads. Not short ads, but long ads. They have this trick in the first level where they ease you into the game and make it seems like an easy play, but level 2, it’s an ad every 30 seconds. Usually you can turn cellular data off for the game and avoid ads, just not get any power ups or multipliers. Unfortunately in this game, if you do this, the game will not work. A pop up comes us and prevents you from playing until you turn cell data back on or connect to a wifi network. This is cheap and a ridiculous ploy to get you to either pay them money to remove ads, or force you to play with them so they can get money for each ad. It’s frustrating and a nuisance.

2. Each level will introduce a new feature to the game that makes the game more enjoyable, but what they don’t tell you is that’s the only time it will be free. As soon as you progress to the next level, that new feature, it can only unlocked by watching yet another ad, or using gems.

It’s a fun game, but a lot of frustrating nuisances that prevents it from being a complete game.

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