Space Station Simulator – At your disposal is a small orbital station with one robot

[Game] Space Station Simulator

Space Station SimulatorGame Description :

If you are dreaming of space from childhood, then our simulator of the space station you will surely like! At your disposal is a small orbital station with one robot, who is sad without any work and only from you depends its future.

Game Features :

You as the captain will have to deal with its development, dumb personnel, the construction of new modules. In the game you can bet on peaceful coexistence, for example, on extracting resources and recycling it or you can act with fire and sword, plundering interplanetary caravans and other players!

Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Size 100.8 MB

User Reviews :

I’ve been playing for a little while. I like the concept a lot. I’m not very far. I started over because I needed to make ships to defend myself and didn’t have the resources. (I wanted to plan better.) Unfortunately the .99 iap for the double speed of all modules will not come back. So I spent a buck and seem to have lost it because I started the game over. Is that a glitch or is it made that way? If not a glitch, a warning that I would loose my purchase would have been nice. Also, is there a way to delete or move modules? I do not like that I have to have the setup from the tutorial. I want to place things differently. I’ll keep playing it. To see where it goes.

(If the game gets updates, I’ll definitely be changing my rating.)

Dev’s, please keep up the work. This game has great potential!! I really enjoy this style and type of game.

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