SOULS – Join the journey and restore freedom


SOULSGame Description :

SOULS began with a past war. Seven lords, consumed by greed, sealed the souls of heroes and conquered the world.
Now, you must liberate the sealed souls from the lords and save the world from evil and destruction.
Join the journey and restore freedom!

Game Features :

Exquisite Art Style – an all new world, graphically designed to allow full immersion into this epic adventure.

Unique Heroes & their personalities – More than 60 Heroes to help you in your adventure; enter their world and explore their skills and personalities

Strategy & Gameplay – Use various heroes and skills to play your best to defeat different enemies. Try out your best formation in this tile based combat.

Be a Hero – Go and save the world! Explore the world to see what hidden surprises await you on your journey to save the world.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 9+
  • Size 710.1 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Just a couple things…

I have never written an app review in my life, but I had to come on here and say something… it’s that I absolutely love this game! It’s so much freaking fun, and I came from another gacha game. This one is so so so much better, in my opinion; I immediately deleted the other one. The progression never stops. They’re so generous with in-game materials, etc. that you’ll never get stuck, and if you do, it only takes just a little more work to keep going. It’s obvious the developers have thought out every single thing and have put so much work and love into an app that many, many people can enjoy. The animations are amazing and impressive in every aspect of the game from the hero combat to even just the game menu. The heroes are actually unique VERY unlike other games that copy and have similar abilities or hero designs that mirror every single other game. A very original, unique game indeed!

It’s so obvious that the developers care so much that they even keep us updated every step of the way, and I mean every step, in discord. Their updates are short, sweet, and easy to understand that I actually read them! I’m gushing too much, but I hope all the developers and everyone else involved know how amazing you guys are!

Ads are deceiving, game is very slow

I normally don’t write reviews on games unless they are not what I was expecting.

Saw the ads on many platforms and was like, “This game looks cool” downloaded it and have been playing it for about a month. The ads show the hooded character running down a path and you (the player) are dodging and jumping from platform to platform. This couldn’t be farther away from the truth. It’s a typical game that you summon “Heroes” and set them up on a board. The “Heroes” take turns attacking and whoever has the highest CP (combat power) generally wins. Obviously the game is Pay to Win and us Free to play gamers are always left behind with less than the best gaming experience. How is it pay to win you may ask… You buy gems with real cash $$ and you can use said gems to summon more “Heroes”. Granted a lot of games are like this, but some games there are Micro transactions to enhance the game. Not make you stronger. Also, if you are expecting to skip the combat, maybe you don’t have the time to watch it, think again… you CAN’T! You have to PAY to increase the game speed from 2x game speed to 6x game speed and it’s $30 a month. 6x is bearable but 2x is unbeatably slow. It take several minutes to get through 15 rounds of combat and each zone is 40 rounds.. $30 a month just to make the game bearable is a deal breaker for me. Sorry, not sorry.

Developer Response,

Dear Souler,

Sorry to hear about the discrepancy between game advertising and actual game experience. We understand that this situation may affect your expectations and evaluation of the game.

We will inform the relevant teams of your feedback and at the same time, Please hold on, the content in the advertisement will appear in the game.

Great game just a few ideas to make it more fluid

I love the game and I love the hero’s. Great skills, animations, and great dynamics. The gameplay is really good too. Some things feel a little bit slow though. Like the tower maybe give it a auto mode like the cave has now. I know updates just started rolling out and I’m not rushing or being like fix or do this. I just think it would make it easier then having to sit here and do the same thing over and over again. Another idea is with guild allow a conversion of currency. Like convert the coins we get already to some type of guild specific currency or create a donation system to help level up the guild and keep everyone active and immersed. We get so many coins and there isn’t much use for them. Im very happy that the costs of upgrades and things aren’t expensive. Please keep that the same I’ve played a lot of games where the costs just skyrocket and it ruins it. The most use we get out of coins is a little from upgrades and random things in the shop. The coin offers in the shop don’t happen a lot though. Anyway again great game I love it a lot and I’m going to continue to play it for a long time. I just thought I’d give a rating and offer some ideas.

Really is different

I’ve played squad games for so long now and I came to this game from a long time in SWGOH. I’ve been free to play for a little over 2 months and this game really does a great job at making it feel like there isn’t a pay wall. It’ll take a little more time obviously because you are playing a squad game and you can pay for the convenience but with time and the dailies you’ll have no issues with being stuck more than a a day or two. The characters are fun and pretty balanced for how new the game is. There are characters that preform better than others but the fights flow well and there doesn’t seem to be that one overpowering, hate to see them, character. The art is as incredible as the ads say it really is visually a great experience to play.

All in all a great game to play, I will definitely end up spending money down the road as I’m getting to tougher content and don’t mind a boost now and then. I would definitely recommend this game and what better time to get in while it’s brand new and you can be a part of everything! Guild system is coming out soon if that helps you understand how new it is. Great time to hop in and give it a week of play!

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