Snake Run Race – Get into the crazy rush

Snake Run Rac – 3D Running Game by Freeplay LLC

Snake Run RaceGame Description :

Slither your way out through the extreme obstacle course in this fascinating snake run game! Ready, set, go!

Try speedy racing and winning the fun run race 3d in our awesome casual game!

Remember the old snake quest? The main difference of our snake race is that this one has high-quality and vivid graphics, gripping gameplay, and plenty of other slithering snakes! It will be your best option from all the running games you’ve ever played before!

Our endless runner will become your savior in long lines, during boring or sleepless hours at home or on a bus, train, airplane, etc. Just join the epic race 3D to have some fun! Get into the crazy rush of 3d racing filled with awesome challenges and colorful levels to brighten up your humdrum routine!

Game Features :

You’re not alone in the crazy rush! There are other snakes on your way to victory. Eat them to prolong and pass levels in your run race 3D quest! Be careful and don’t aim for the serpents longer than you. This will only lead to the restart of your racing. Calculate your moves in this crazy run to finish it!


here will be plenty of challenges on your way in the 3d racing. Go through all of them to win this fun race 3d! Dodge the various hurdles, avoid your enemies, and get to the end of your snake race safe and sound!

Let destiny run its course and lead you to the title of the racing champion! But don’t just hope for luck—put your skills to the test to prove you can be the best in this fun run 3d! Think fast but act even faster in your fun race 3D to become the legend of all running racing games!

With this epic race 3D simulator, you will def forget about other fun run 3d games!

Simple gameplay. Merge the snakes, avoid barriers, and finish your destiny run to show you are the best in this run race 3d game!
Bright visuals. You’ll love this endless runner for its beautiful serpents and cartoonish graphics!
Relaxing fun race 3d. You don’t have to think much in your crazy run. Just join the epic race 3d to have some rest!
One of the most fun running games! Our crazy rush will steal the heart of every person thanks to its mind-blowing 3d racing and obstacle course!
Thrilling challenges. Are you ready to go down in the history of fun run 3d games? Then complete all the levels of our endless runner!
Nostalgic fun race 3D! The crazy rush will be special for those players who were truly in love with the old snake race from their childhood!

It’s time you start your destiny run to prove you’re the true master of our amazing endless runner! Go through the obstacle course to be remembered in one of the most popular running games!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 260.6 MB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Amazing game but…

So, when I saw this game on an ad it said that there is not very much ads, but when I played it had A LOT of ads. But then when I got the crown there was only 2 ads in 15 minutes. And before I got the crown there was ads every 2 minutes. So, if you don’t mind ads then you will love this game… on the other side you will not like this game. Me, I’m okay with ads, but I still hate them. Also, one of the things I love about this game is the way that you can like, slither around and the feeling of being a snake eating other little snakes!  Oh, also I love all the little things you can dress up in! It’s so fun! So, if your okay with ads like me, then you should get this game!

It has potential but…

When I played the first stage I thought this game would be really fun, after playing a few stages though, I noticed there was a pattern, there was an ad after every stage. I was a little bit disappointed because the gameplay was really fun but half of the time I spent on this app was just watching ads. Another problem is that all the levels feel the same, I think the levels are just getting easier, on the first one I couldn’t get past 3x, now I’m always getting to the chest. Another problem I noticed is that it crashes, a lot, more than any other app on my phone does. 2/5 ads that I watched caused the game to crash, and then I would have to redo the stage, this game could be so good but the developers almost just treated it like unfinished practice. Maybe in the future if they give the game less ads, less crashing, and more challenging and long levels, then this game will deserve a higher rating.

Love this game

This game is really fun I recommend it. Also this is one of the only games I know that if you take off your finger it stops which I personally like. A problem with a lot of games is that after ten minutes you get WAY TOO MANY ADDS but this game is pretty good with adds. And one of the reasons that I rated this 5 stars is that I’ve been playing for about 45 minutes now and have not found ANY PROBLEMS. So I feel that this is a really good game so if you’re interested you should definitely consider getting it

The game is good unless your in hunt mode

The game itself is good but at the end of every level but that’s not the reason when you launch the game on the right side of your screen you will see a hunt button and I find it pretty fun…..BESIDES THE ADS yeah when you play the hunt mode that is when their is just too many ads and the game itself forget about what I said at the start the game gets pretty boring after 3 rounds because it is all just the same exact thing

(Side note)

When I finish the round I get gems and money and so I buy the money multiplyer on the starting screen not at the end of a round anyway the money multiplyer doesn’t work but if it does it adds like 2 more dollars which is not a lot in the game

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