Smart Metronome and Tuner – Detailed control over tempo and time

Smart Metronome and Tuner app by Tomohiro Ihara

Smart Metronome and TunerApp Description :

Smart Metronome turns your iPhone into a simple, stylish and very accurate metronome!

It contains three modes; Normal, Repeat and Program.

Normal Mode
Start practicing instantly, just like with any basic metronome. Enjoy its beautiful look with realistic
pendulum movement. Smart Metronome also uses natural sounds recorded from real metronomes
and percussions.
One beat can be set into two eighth notes, triplets, or four sixteenth notes. It also has a large Beats
Per Minute (BPM) number display and Italian tempo markings. Just tap the BPM number to set the

Repeat Mode
This is an indispensable practice tool for difficult passages, scales or arpeggios. You can program
the number of measures to practice with, and Smart Metronome incrementally increases the tempo
automatically with each repetition.

Program Mode
This feature offers detailed control over tempo and time signature changes, You can program
numbers of measures, and tempos sequence. Accelerando and ritardando are also available. The
tempo automatically increases or decreases, according to your program.
Smart Metronome also comes with simple tuning tones that would help those who needs tuning.
Blind or low-vision users, too, can use all the features with voiceover.
Smart Metronome is not just for music. You can use while dancing, exercising, and even golfing;
any activity that needs accurate timing.

App Features :

Creates perfect beats by working completely on hardware, without using CPU time
Sampling rate 44.1kHz sampling rate, resulting in high accuracy (±20µs)

Easily set the BPM by tapping
Programmable Tempo and measures
Loop multiple measures
Drum machine
Tuning meter
Full voiceover compatibility
Log can be taken
Save and load tempo program

Ten background color variations
Realistic pendulum animation
Four sounds sets to choose from

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating4+
  • Size 47.7 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :

I use Not for music…to relax and improve health!

I suffered greatly with disabling Dysautonmia which means always in a state of fight or flight. I set the frequency to 60 and inhale for 6 clicks then out 6 clicks for two minutes. This equals 5 full breath cycles per minute. This app coupled with this breathing technique absolutely SAVED MY LIFE! If you feel terrible all the time and have jumped from doc to doc with no answers, check out the book The New Science of Breath. A little academic but the gist is very simple. Free to do. No dangerous side effects like with pharmaceuticals. Sorry to make this less about this app but using this app helped me perfect this breathing technique.

I LOVE that the app devs allow you to adjust the volume of the clicks. I let this play at 60 throughout my computer work day and even without the breathing technique, I experience less tension at end of day.

I also superimpose the low volume 60 beat freq over my favorite meditation music with incredibly relaxing results.

I wish you all great health!

Feature Requests

I would love to see the background feature work for the metronome programming (the one where it changes tempo based on time signature and measure number) AND the timer metronome feature (the one that is more easily noticeable on how to find and use). This would be very useful because I am a small musician, that records band music and writes original songs and remixes, but this app doesn’t have a very good recording function. It would be nice if I could be in another app that I use for recording, with my USB to lightning cord adapter and a USB Blue Snowball to be plugged in, while the metronome plays, without giving any feedback. Thanks! On a side note, when I first downloaded the app, I couldn’t find the programming feature, which is what I was needing, as well as looking for, so I deleted the app. I did decide to reinstall the app, and then found the feature. It would be nice if you make it easier to find. Lastly, although this app looks like a scam, bad, and knockoff application, it actually functions pretty great! It is my number one choice for a metronome app! Thanks again!

App Critic

So far, I’m loving this app. I downloaded it to keep track of my tempo as I played my viola and it has worked so well. I haven’t had any technical difficulties whatsoever. It has a variety of colors to customize it to your own style. You can switch your tempo sound whenever. You can create a designated tempo & time signature to one song and have a list of different songs you’ve created. I love how you can also tune your instrument with this app (I just discovered that yesterday ). I don’t often write reviews but I was compelled by the effectiveness and handiness of this app. It has everything you need to excel in your playing. I 100% recommended downloading it. This not sponsored or anything by the way, I just hope that this would help anybody that likes to see the reviews of a product before the test it out

Awesome app! Works with Voice Over

This app is way better than expected. It’s waaayyyy more than a simple metronome. It’s a tuner and has all sorts of settings that. You can tweak and save and whatever suits your needs. I have downloaded so many and they do not work when Voice Over is on, this app does and all the functions work which is a happy shock to me, thank you,!! My boyfriend is a musician and is trying to teach me stuff. This ap hopefully will help me learn it better and possibly saved my relationship… lol 😉 all we do is argue about how he is trying to teach me stuff and about how I need it different bla bla… so this is a GODSEND! as …and. Can do it myself when he is not around and surprise him hopefully with what I have learned

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