ROAR Augmented Reality – Boost online sales by leveraging Augmented Reality

[App] ROAR Augmented Reality

ROAR Augmented RealityGame Description :

Welcome to ROAR, a revolutionizing augmented reality platform.
For Consumers – Augmented Reality Shopping Adviser
For Brands – Key to effective advertising campaigns
For Retailers – Boost online sales by leveraging Augmented Reality

How to use it?

ROAR Shopping Adviser:
ROAR database contains markers for more than 10,000 different food products and beverages. Scan them and you will get additional useful information such as AR content, product ingredients, customer ratings, sales promotions and more…

ROAR Scanner:
Check the best Augmented ROARs on the web gallery ‘’ ‣ Launch ROAR app ‣ Point your mobile device at the markers  Discover Augmented Reality

ROAR Editor:
Go to the web ROAR Editor ‘’ ‣ Start creating your own amazing ROARs ‣ Launch ROAR app ‣ Scan your marker ‣ View additional AR content and enjoy!
! No programming skills are needed !

Game Features :

Why you need ROAR?
ROAR is an easy-to-use tool to discover augmented reality. It is also a valuable tool for brands and businesses.

Search products enhanced by digital content in real time
Database > 10,000 food&drink products
Watch additional AR video, audio and text content
Order and purchase additional products or services
View product ingredient information
Check customer reviews and recommendations
Compare prices
View special offers, get cool bonuses and promotions

Wondering how augmented reality technology could boost your sales and deepen engagement with your brand? ROAR can effectively promote your product and augment your brand in an authentic way. ROAR will allow you to:
Shorten your sales cycle with new cutting edge technology
Let your brand stand out in unique way
Innovate packaging design that will make your brand even more recognizable
Show useful information & facts about your product
Advertise and excite your potential customers through ‘WOW’ effect
Go viral and stand out amongst your competition
Enhance your marketing and increase your sales

Use power of cutting edge technology to add efficiency into digital sales process
Engage your customers in a new more seamless way
Optimize your sales process and inventory management
View detailed analytics of consumer behavior
Target customers with personalized promotional messages
Increase market share and total sales

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Additional Information :

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Size 62.9 MB

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