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ModivcareApp Description :

This app is available to members with participating benefit plans.

App Features :

The Modivcare app is an easy, convenient and accessible way to schedule and manage all of your Modivcare non-emergency transportation needs. No need to call a care center.

For eligible members who drive themselves to appointments, they can submit their claims for Mileage Reimbursement.

Existing Member Services Website accounts will not work logging in.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 44.9 MB
  • Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Modivcare Transportation

This is only my second time using this service! I do like the ability to book a trip by using the App and entering my information.

The first time I used the service, the driver offered no assistance to me. He missed his exit from the freeway and wasn’t sure how to get too the doctor’s office after that. When picking me up, he couldn’t remember where he dropped me off.

I’m giving a 5 star rating because of the ease in scheduling my trips.

Developer Response,

Thank you for your review. We are glad to hear that you enjoy using the app. If you have any concerns with transportation, please reach out to the reservation line and we will be happy to help.

Still needs a little work but better than phone

When I type into the box to search for the reason for the trip, it won’t let me click on that reason to enter it into the field. I have to scroll all the way down to find it and then click on it.

The number of trips I have left seems to be incorrect. Don’t I have 24 one-way trips TOTAL with my insurance?

There was one other thing but it has already slipped my mind. Otherwise, as long as it actually booked my ride, this is much better than trying to navigate MARA!

Easy to book rides

Also easy to cancel. So far I’ve had one driver and he was on time. But, I use a walker, and I had to call to book trip. The driver said it was not on the paperwork that he had to get walker to and from vehicle. I live upstairs. Do, my next trip I booked myself and put it in there. I found out they can not accept a ride if they have to do things like this. the only drawback about getting help when I don’t drive anymore.

No support

Called because I needed help with adding rides, the person scheduled 1 ride for me and said go back on the app and schedule more, and next time call the customer support number. I asked her how do she think I’m speaking to her???? I called customer support! I don’t know if she was work from home or not but the background sounded like it, she was very dry and absolutely did not want to help me at all, then put me on hold for 30min for someone else I guess to do it, and he was in a total different extension, he didn’t work in scheduling. He was surprised as well she wouldn’t help, she scheduled one ride which was November 7th. Very disappointing

Have the hardest time with this app

If it worked correctly it would be great, but I do gas reimbursement for me and my kids appointments and when I arrive at the location and pull up the app and the trip I am at. It will not give me the option to arrive/ sign that I have got to the appointment. When I call customer service they had me to try all these different things and nothing has worked. They don’t know why this is happening and not I have to go an actual trip paper sheet to get the reimbursement and I am no longer at the appointment so I have to go back to get someone to sign it

Second leg issue

Many times I have used your app to facilitate trips but always run into issues with the second leg because it asks for arrival time which is vague and irrational. It should ask for what time of pickup is required to leave the facility to eliminate chaos and clients abandoned due to incorrect information calculated by the app. Several times drivers have arrived during my appointment and leave because I had only been into my appointment for 15 minutes and the driver leaves. Also the app is not listing the facility that is inputed. Just simply have the next leg ask what time a cliente needs to be picked up from the facility not the arrival time to their home.

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