Mega Harvester – Creating your own lumber empire

Mega Harvester – Lumber Factory game by HOMA GAMES

Mega HarvesterGame Description :

Introducing “Mega Harvester: Lumber Factory” – the ultimate destination for lumber enthusiasts and lovers of logging games. Step into the driver’s seat of a powerful dozer as you embark on an epic journey into the heart of the forest. It’s time to immerse yourself in the world of wood cutting, timber, and creating your own lumber empire.

Game Features :

Your Path to Lumber Domination
In “Mega Harvester: Lumber Factory,” you are not just a player; you are a lumberjack, a business tycoon, and a sawmill master all rolled into one. The game brings an immersive experience, offering a first-person point of view from the cockpit of your mighty dozer as you tackle the art of tree cutting. Feel the adrenaline rush as you control every movement and cut down trees with precision and power.

Efficiency and Progress
The path to success in the lumber industry is paved with efficiency, and “Mega Harvester: Lumber Factory” offers plenty of opportunities to enhance your capabilities. Power-ups are at your disposal, enabling you to cut trees more efficiently and rapidly collect the scattered logs with your dozer. Each log you collect is a step toward building your lumber empire.

From Logs to Luxury: Your Sawmill Journey
As a budding lumber tycoon, your journey doesn’t stop at felling trees. “Mega Harvester: Lumber Factory” offers you the chance to establish a lucrative sawmill business. Unlock the advanced timber machine, turning raw timber into valuable building materials to construct houses. The more houses you build, the greater your lumber empire becomes.

Machinery at Your Fingertips
An efficient lumber operation requires top-notch equipment. Build a garage to improve your machinery and increase efficiency. The better your equipment, the faster you can process timber, and the more you can sell. Your success depends on smart investments and upgrades.

Deliver Timber with Style
As your sawmill business flourishes, you’ll want to ensure a smooth flow of products to your customers. Build a boat to transport your timber deliveries with style. Efficient transportation means satisfied customers, and satisfied customers mean more profit for your growing lumber empire.

A Clicker Game with Endless Possibilities
Mega Harvester: Lumber Factory combines the addictive clicker game mechanic with engaging gameplay. Click your way to success as you cut, collect, and build. Your journey in this immersive world of wood cutting and woodworking is only beginning.

Endless Harvest, Infinite Fun
ith a focus on idle lumber and wood harvest, “Mega Harvester: Lumber Factory” offers endless entertainment.

Get ready to embark on the ultimate logging adventure, become a master lumberjack, and craft your very own lumber empire. Download “Mega Harvester: Lumber Factory” now, and experience the thrill of wood cutting, timber processing, and the joy of building an empire, all in one exciting package. Can you become the ultimate lumber tycoon? Play now and find out!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 452.4 MB
  • Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

User Reviews :


I absolutely love this game! My boyfriend showed me it so we can see who can get higher in the game, I keep coming back to this game which I never do I get a game and play it for a bit then stop, this game never gets boring there’s just a few thing I don’t like I wish there was a free way to cut the trees down fast instead of doing the online money one

At first I would only get an ad once every 20 or so minutes but now that I’m a level 11 I get more ads more often but other than that I love the game! You should get it asap! I love that you dont have to pay actual money like tons of games on here

I’m surprised there aren’t any more people getting it

Love the game!!

I can’t stop playing this game!! The only problem I have with it is the ads!!!! I have never seen so many ads in a game before. While you are in the middle of something, bam!, there’s another ad!!! Sometimes you only get about a minute of gameplay before another ad! It’s hard to get anything done. Is there anything you can do about it???

Setting in limbo

Now that I’ve successfully completed all three levels I’m stuck in limbo doing nothing. Lumber won’t grow income from housing won’t increase you can’t go back to other states to check on stuff or increase housing cost. You’re literally stuck tiptoeing around your current lumber supply so you have what you need to still fill the ship. Also even if you snatch the advertisements for extra lumber and whatever you don’t even get the prize for watching. I love the game but there a lot to be fixed I’ll be waiting for the update hopefully it’s soon.

A few things I have noticed since the latest update

The game is a great game very good time management game even to pass the time. Buuuuut after the latest update not sure if it was the Wisconsin level or the update itself, when you go to collect from your other buildings it doesn’t add in to your money, another is I now can not access the next ship because the timer stopped. I tried resetting the game no avail. This didn’t fix either problem. I’m not going to uninstall but as a beta tester for other programs I will wait till the next update and hope this gets fixed. Again a great game orherwise.

Great game

I enjoy this game. It’s been a lot of fun but this last update has really caused a lot of problems. The game has lots of glitches. When you collect income from your properties, you built no longer goes towards your total dollar amount.

When I cut trees and finish a area of trees, the cutter does not return to its normal position. It is aggravating that I have to stop and restart the game just to get the cutter back to the original position. Please fix glitches as soon as possible.

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