Isekai Slow Life – Enjoy your slow life

Isekai Slow Life game by Mars Era Limited

Isekai Slow LifeGame Description :

Enjoy your slow life in Isekai!

What the-? Been transported to ISEKAI and turned into an adorable walking mushroom?!

In this wonderful new world, you will begin by managing and developing a small town while meeting and engaging with various types of beautiful and bizarre characters. Discover unknown lands with them as you wander at your leisure and enjoy the quiet life.

Game Features :

Make a family in another world and enjoy a relaxing life
Explore fateful encounters with many different races: A gentle vampire nurse, an artistic octopus teacher, a cute siren “drinking companion”…… While away the sweet, relaxing days of ISEKAI life.

Explore the continent of ISEKAI and form bonds with various companions
Bond with companions from all trades and walks of life: A cat-eared maid girl, a goblin merchant, a monster hunter… Each companion has their own unique skills and is ready to aid you in exploring the secrets of ISEKAI and building your village.

Open stores and build a village
All kinds of trades and businesses can flourish in your village: A workshop, a potion store, a tavern, a school… Use your keen business skills to develop the economy of your village, step by step. Grab the opportunities that come your way, take care of the business owners who depend on you, and build the honor and reputation of your very own village.

Join the Adventurer’s Guild to experience cooperation and challenge
Join a guild or create your own to wander the world of ISEKAI with other fellow adventurers. You could become fast friends, or opponents in heated combat.

On the road to godhood, every road is meaningful
As your exploration of ISEKAI unfolds, your form and reputation will change and evolve, and before you know it, you won’t just be an ordinary mushroom anymore… The road ahead has many paths, each awaiting your discovery.

Come join us on the road to ISEKAI and begin a new life full of challenges and fun!

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Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 1.3 GB
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Good game

Before I downloaded the game, I read through the reviews to see how people liked it. I saw a lot of criticism and some good suggestions and I saw the devs had responded to some of them. I was curious if the devs actually considered what they were saying or just said “yeah we hear ya” and then continued to do what they want. Upon downloading the game I was pleasantly surprised! Apparently the game used to default you as a male character and you had no choice but to be male. However when I went to play I had the option to be female! Also I saw a lot of complaints about ridiculous prices that the game was asking you to pay irl money for, and it was just too much money for what you were getting. It seems they fixed that too because you could get some good stuff without having to pay like $30.

I will say I saw a review on Gina and how it made the player uncomfortable. I kinda have to agree with this one. I know it would mess up the whole plot entirely if she were removed, however she acts and looks like a little girl… and it definitely feels wrong to romance her. Even if you state she’s like 18 years+ it sure doesn’t look or feel that way. It’s a bit weird and uncomfortable that the game seems to suggest at some type of romance with her when she’s like a literal child.

Overall I appreciate the devs for listening to the players and trying to better the experience for everyone.

Developer Response,

Dear Transcender, thank you for your love towards our game. Your kind remark will encourage us to make greater efforts, thank you.

Good game, but lots of issues

Let me start out that I’ve always been a sucker for idle games like this one, and although the devs managed to get the formula down, they also got a lot of things wrong. First, micro transactions and scummy ads. If the game pops up an ad it’ll tell you that something is on sale for 95% and that the bundle they want you to purchase is normally worth up to $2000 dollars when it is absolutely NOT worth nearly that much. And on top of that most of the packs aren’t even worth their real price, every now and then you find a good deal with a good character and maybe some items. Second, and this might be a personal thing, but making money from your crops is absolutely HORRIBLE and don’t even get me started on farming things needed to upgrade your crops. When I first started the game I thought the crops would be op even during late game, but I quickly realized how bad they really are when i started upgrading my buildings more and the upgrades cost more. If I were to use solely the money I make from crops to pay for just one upgrade to my inn it would take me like five minutes. This is just scratching the surface of the numerous things in the game that just don’t tickle me right. I would’ve given it a 3 star review but I like boobies so I’ll give a 4 star.

Developer Response,

Dear Transcender, thank you for your love and support! We have recorded your feelings and suggestions, and will try our best to optimize it! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Have a nice day!

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