Imprivata ID – Helps improve clinical workflows

Imprivata ID app by Imprivata, Inc.

Imprivata IDApp Description :

Imprivata ID is a secure authentication application that helps improve clinical workflows for medical professionals for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), remote network access, and others.

App Features :

For EPCS, Imprivata ID enables Hands Free Authentication, a breakthrough solution that delivers exceptional speed, security, and convenience for providers while meeting DEA two-factor authentication requirements for EPCS.

Instead of typing a manual token code, Hands Free Authentication wirelessly retrieves and verifies a one-time password from the Imprivata ID application on the user’s mobile device, even if it is locked and/or in the user’s pocket, which delivers unparalleled speed and convenience with minimal impact to clinical workflows.

For remote network access, Imprivata ID enables fast, convenient push notifications. Users receive a notification on their mobile phone asking them to verify their identity. The user simply swipes the notification from the lock screen of their device and taps “Approve,” and the second factor of authentication is complete.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 4+
  • Size 34.7 MB
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Watch functionality broken in iOS 13

iOS 13 broke the Apple Watch functionality. Instead of getting the “Approve/Deny” prompt on the watch it just shows the notification with “Dismiss” forcing you to use the phone to actually approve access. Need an app update from Imprivata to restore this functionality (they have to keep with Apple’s API changes to avoid functionality losses when Apple moves forward).

Approve/Deny Broken

I second the approve dent problem on iOS 13. Not only does it not work with the watch, the phone itself of course needs to be unlocked to get the approve / deny choice. This adds a significant amount of time to my day , especially covering for multiple doctors.

The low power Bluetooth dongle almost never works as well now, which I know is an also an Imprivata desktop issue, but it makes the loss of approve/deny on watch or lock screen even more annoying.

Reviews are pretty worthless here since at least for e-prescribing users aren’t choosing this platform in most cases, but we can complain to IT and encourage them to find a better vendor, so please fix this.

iOS/Watch OS notifications fixed!

iOS 13 notifications are fixed in version 6.3.1.x – you can again long-press the notification from the lock screen of your phone to approve/deny the token request. Actionable notifications again appear on the Apple Watch too. Thanks to Imprivata for getting this fix in place.

iOS 13 broke Apple Watch usefulness

I agree with the other reviewers who have discussed the one useful aspect of this app (the ability to use the Apple Watch to confirm controlled eRxs instead of having to use your phone) has been removed after upgrading to iOS 13. You would think that the main use of this app would have been tested prior to the release of iOS 13. As it is taking so long for a remedy, I am planning on discussing this with the IT department of our admittedly large hospital system and investigate other similar apps, but that actually work.

Was good until version 7.8.1

The app was working nice until the 7.8.1 version. Now I get a message on the desktop saying I did not enable push notifications and to type PUSH o enable them, but nothing happens. Also, this version seems to have broken the Apple Watch connection. I can not find the app any more and do not get push notifications on the watch either. Hopefully this will get corrected or instructions for what I need to do will become obvious.

Such a hassle!

Beware when you change or update your phone it will fail. This is the second time that it’s failed at a hospital after I reinstalled it and got it to work again. And if you work at multiple hospitals that all use Imprivata, it will fail at each hospital, multiple time!!! this is a horrible bug that needs to get worked out. I’m wasting time waiting for IT services to call me back!

Phone and watch no longer communicate

New update for watch and or phone have rendered the functionality on my watch useless. No way to add app back on. You NEED to address this ASAP and keep up with Apple so when they do updates your product works.

Update – reboot phone and watch. All good now!

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