Gacha Life – Create your own anime styled characters

Gacha Life game by Lunime Inc.

Gacha LifeGame Description :

Welcome to Gacha Life

Are you ready to start a new adventure? Create your own anime styled characters and dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits! Choose from hundreds of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons, and much more! After designing your characters, enter the Studio and create any scene you can imagine! Choose from over a hundred backgrounds to create the perfect story!

Enter the new Life mode to explore different areas and meet new friends along the way! Chat with NPCs and learn more about them, they might even give you a surprise! Play your favorite mini-games and collect gems to Gacha for rare gifts to add to your collection! The possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Jump into Gacha Life and begin your journey today!

Game Features :

Dress up your characters with the latest anime fashion! Mix and match hundreds of clothes, weapons, hats, and more! Now with 20 Character Slots!
Customize your personal look! Change your hairstyle, eyes, mouth, and more!
New items, poses, and more that were never seen before in Gacha Studio and Gachaverse!

Create your own scenes in Studio Mode! Enter custom text for your characters and choose from many different poses and backgrounds!
Make your own stories in the Skit Maker! Easily combine multiple scenes to create sketches!

Explore different areas with your own characters such as the town, school, and more!
Discover new NPCs and chat with them to learn more about their lives!
Play offline! No Wi-Fi is needed to play!

Choose from 8 different mini-games such as Duck & Dodge or Phantom’s Remix!
Collect and Gacha over 100 Gifts to add to your collection!
Free 2 Play, you can farm for Gems easily!

The game may lag on old devices & devices with 4k screens.
Please restart the game if you experience lag over time.

Thank you for playing Gacha Life!!

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 9+
  • Size 175.3 MB
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

User Reviews :

Amazing game, but…

Hi, Luni. I know that you are probably not going to see this but I have a few suggestions to make about Gacha Life and the glitches. I am aware that this game has been getting less attention by the creators because they have Gacha Club now, but many people still use Gacha Life for their videos, and it’s really annoying when these glitches clog your screen! One time, I was listening to music and making some changes to my character because it was so darn

cringey, when I decided to turn off the soundtrack and sound effects via settings. When I went back to the home page, a bunch of characters all named “Charactrey” were on my screen! They were all saying “uh” and I got so scared I even started crying, because I had seen on this channel that if you see that glitch, it means there are hackers behind the screen, and they will hack you if you don’t delete the app. Obviously, that information was fake, and I love that person’s glitch series, but at the time, I didn’t know that it was fake. So, I deleted the app, and didn’t download it again for a really long time, and continued to use Gacha Club instead. I currently have both Gacha Life and Gacha Club, and this glitch still hasn’t been fixed! Gacha Life has been hacked several times, and hackers keep installing more annoying glitches!! So if you read this, Luni…please, PLEASE fix these issues because I am a frequent Gacha Life user, and they get in my way of making videos!

A very good game I use this for videos but there is this glitch…

So the glitch for some reason when I was customizing my character and taking screenshots for videos in studio I went back to the main place (where you customize your characters) and I saw all the same characters they were named characty and it was selected one and it said I had 999,999+ diamonds (when I had 4) and on level 999,999+ I was on level 13 it would not let me do anything it only had that screen if anyone else is having that problem I would like to know cause that glitch is kinda weird and no I’m not lying it happened many times other then that. This game is so good I use it like daily it’s only that glitch that bothers me if you could fix it it’s fine if you don’t cause you only close the app and go back in the app and everything is normal but the game is really good and I can’t wait to try gacha life 2! / ok I know now I am back the game is really good I still think you should fix that glitch but every time I made this oc then once I close the app, the oc is back to Kinen I find Kinen the easiest to customize because there is not a lot on there but even the name will go back idk if it’s glitch but now I’m editing in KineMaster and if I stay in KineMaster for to long then the oc is back to Kinen again? But I have been fixing this one oc so many times to make a video other then some things the app is really good I’m trying out gacha memories right now too!

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