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FollowMyHealth app by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc

FollowMyHealthApp Description :

Take control of your health information. The new and improved mobile version of your personal health record, powered by FollowMyHealth®, is easy to use and easy to navigate.

App Features :

From the home screen, you can view your current health summary, reminders and recent account activity—and quickly click to your medical profile and profiles of family members you’re authorized to view. You also get 24/7 access for:

Communicating securely with your care team.
Scheduling appointments.
Viewing test and lab results.
Requesting prescription refills.
Managing your preferred pharmacy for prescription renewals.
Managing connections with healthcare organization to access your health information and interact with providers.
Paying outstanding bills and view your billing history.
Viewing and manage your demographics, contact information, and insurance policies.

(Please note: The availability of some features may be dependent on your connected organizations.)

Take full advantage of the modern iOS features such as:

Passcodes and Touch ID: Create a Mobile Passcode or use Touch ID to quickly and easily sign in to FollowMyHealth® Mobile. Touch ID requires iOS 8 and up. Mobile Passcode will work on any iOS device.

Push Notifications: In addition to receiving FollowMyHealth® notifications via text and/or email, notifications can now be pushed directly to your iOS device. App badges notify you at a glance of important new information within your FollowMyHealth® account.

Apple Watch: Convenient access to FollowMyHealth® push notifications and Action Center items directly from your Apple Watch.

Apple VoiceOver: Improves accessibility for visually impaired users.

Apple Health: Automatically import blood pressure, steps, weight and glucose readings from Apple Health into your FollowMyHealth® account.

Additional Information :

  • Age Rating 12+
  • Size 57.4 MB
  • Requires iOS 14.0 or later.

User Reviews :

5 Stars

This app has many useful resources that allows health records for individuals to easy access about themselves if needed, especially if you’re out of town and have needed to visit another doctor to be able to discuss any past health issues or conditions and medications or allergies before the doctor has medical records sent over and received. It allows basic communication between individuals and doctors to be done without the frustration of having to wait on hold via phone or to have to figure out how to get to the right doctor/department through an automated system only to be redirected back to the beginning/starting over or the line to be disconnected. Its also very beneficial for managing doctors appointment with being able to schedule, and make any changes or cancellations using just the app. In summary, for the most part, for me, I’ve been able to use the app for almost everything I’ve needed except an actual in person appointment with my doctor physically present in the room, and of course driving myself to the appointment but even then it communicates with Maps easily to be able to provide simple directions to and from the appointment, if needed.


Springfield Clinic is the best!!! Before I switched my kids and I to Springfield Clinic we were going to SIU School of Medicine and they would act like they were always in a hurry once they entered the room to see my kids or myself, I’m not sure if the security/ security over booked with them with patients or they disliked their job. There were times that we couldn’t get the full conversation out or are concerned about the symptoms they would instantly cut us off and redirect us to what they thought was wrong us. I went home and found Dr. Bauk at Springfield Clinic, her and her staff are 100% amazing!!! My youngest son and I are on a medical card she took us without any judgment, my oldest son moved back in with me and got on a medical card so I called Dr. Bauk’s office and the secretary told me Dr. Bauk does not take medical cards anymore, but since my oldest son was family she was going to over ride it and accept him as a new patient because she is a family doctor and she rather have all family under her care. I just love Dr. Bauk and could never ask for a better Doctor, she is the best!!! Keep up the excellent work Dr. Bauk


Angel Chaffin

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